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edit About

Projects I'm working on will be made into sub-pages of this one.

edit Projects

Newest projects are at the top.

edit Marilyn Manson

I'm currently working on an all-new version of the Marilyn Manson article, due to the fact that the current one is utter shite.

Super Happy Update Time! I neglected this project for quite some time, and I'm unsure about the current state of the official MM page. I still like mine better, but it needs work and I might be able to integrate it into the one that's already there, with some alterations. Maybe, maybe not. It's been put on the back burner for now.The new and improved Marilyn Manson article still needs work, and I would really appreciate any contributions.

MOAR UPDATE The rewrite is done.

edit Terry Pratchett

My first real project on Uncyc was a complete rewrite of the Terry Pratchett article, which used to be not funny. Most of my jokes are still there, but many other excellent writers, like emc, expanded on the basic ideas and made it even funnier.

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