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"I think that God in creating Man somewhat overestimated his ability."

~ Oscar Wilde
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edit About Me

I am OpenFaceSurgery aka Alex (1987-I ain't dead yet motherfuckers). Welcome to my little corner of the nuthouse. I am, as the bottom of this page states, officially Bat Fuck Insane. As well as being an utter loon, I am also from a small state called Rhode Island, and if you ask me to say "park the car" I will inflict grievous pain upon your physical being.

edit Frequently Unasked Questions (FUQ)

edit Does OpenFaceSurgery have any pets?

Yes No.

edit Is OFS insane?


edit What are OFS's favorite movies?

The Mat The Most Wrong and Irreverent OFS does not watch movies, he is movies.

edit What does OFS know about the cabal?

The cabal is There is no cabal. There is still no cabal to not talk about not existing.

edit Is OFS a potato?


edit Is OFS a grue?

Closer, but still no.

edit Uncyclopedia

My first real contribution to Uncyclopedia was the addition of two sections to the Evil article, "Effects of Evil" and "Notable Evil People", both of which I tweaked continuously for the next couple hours until I thought they were funny enough. I later cleaned up the Cannibal Corpse page and added a few things to make it funnier. Everything I do here, pretty much, is done for lols. If it's not funny, it ought to be zapped into oblivion. Or, you know, just edited to make it funny.

I have also contributed a few things to Maggie Thatcher's page, the Engrish page, and the Coach Z page. Mostly touch-ups or additions of little jokes. Minor corrections won't be listed, but if I've contributed anything of significance to an article, I'll link to it on the Contributions page.

edit Happy Chairman Award

The Happy Chairman Award has been up for quite some time and was well-received. I'm hoping it will become an award.

edit Stuff

Stuff I'm working on will be found in my Sandbox. My completed articles and whatnot are here, and my awards are here. Click here to yell at me.

edit HELL

HELL! Now that I have your attention, send me pie.

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