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Hello whatever weirdos read people's user page. I am the sexy onebig and this is my page in which I will tell you all sorts of crazy shit.

Where I was born: Somewhere
Age: 3000.(Just kidding. I'm at least 1500 years younger)
Why my name is "Onebig": When i needed a name, i thought instantly of the comic"One big happy"Funny thing, i hate that comic.
Power level: It's... OVER 9000!
language: Dumb
Reeking havoc since: 20 August, 2011
Why the chicken crossed the road: Cause it felt like it, jeez.
Natural enemy: being smart

edit A list of pages I made

Undictionary:Elamenopee- A decent letter of the alphabet.

100 worst movie lines- sorry you can't read it. I had the construction tab on it, then I got banned, so I couldnt get to it. I'm going to remake it soon.

UnNews:Greatest fake heart attack ever peformed is still going on- Was funny untill some guy changed it

edit Some articles to check out

Top 100 ways to die- one of my favorites

Worst 100 Ways to Die of All Time- not as good as the first.

Worst 100 Ways to Win an Argument- classic

Worst 100 Ways to Win an Argument- hilarity...

Worst 100 Movies of All Time- There was like, 1000, and then some guy changed it. What's wrong with that guy?

Worst 100 Things to Say in Court- One of the best!

Teachers- my first none-Worst 100 favorite.

edit done and done

Look out for more articles. I've got a big plan for reviving Worst 100 Movie Lines...

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