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Celebrity gardener Monty Don, Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, and the Dogon people of southern Mali are among Olly's most vocal supporters.

A passionate advocate of Black Death research, Olly has taken stinging criticism of his girth and facial hair with good grace and gentle humour, stating on many occasions, "Sit back down, son".

Born in 342 BCE in Antioch (Modern day Eastern Turkey) to a wealthy merchant father and poor priestess mother, Olly was the seventh of seven children, but the only one to survive childbirth. This gave him miraculous powers which he has used to do wonderous good and despicable evil ever since. Eventually settling in the beautiful Rea Valley of central England, Olly rumoured to have invented J.R.R. Tolkien, the rubella vaccine, the alphabet, and Paraguay.

Olly is also a published poet, a feat unmatched by any other Arfo members. This puts him in the esteemed company of such literary luminaries as Samuel Coleridge, Seamus Heaney, Roger McGough and Pam Ayres.

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