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Banned Indefinitely

<DGNeree> hello
<Olipro> yeees?
<DGNeree> i have had a chat with Spang
<DGNeree> we made an arrangemet
<DGNeree> Manticore would leave me in peace and i him
<DGNeree> spang unblocked my account on uncyclopedia
<DGNeree> and i unblocked manticore from unmeta and uncommons
<DGNeree> now spang unblocked me
<DGNeree> ut i still can't edit
<DGNeree> could you fix that?
<Olipro> yes
<DGNeree> :)
<DGNeree> good. i wanted to give him some dutch apple pie
<Olipro> need to find the bloody userID corresponding to your username
<Olipro> this is why I hate mediawiki
<DGNeree> would you care fr a slice?
<DGNeree> hm...
<Olipro> I'd prefer a Dutch Burgher
<Olipro> :P
<Olipro> hmm
<Olipro> nope, nothing here
<Olipro> you should be good to go
* DGNeree goes to the ktchen, but only finds hamburgers
<DGNeree> they are german
<DGNeree> ok, i'll try to find you a dutch burger
<DGNeree> just a sec.
<DGNeree> nope, still blocked
<DGNeree> it must have been along time since you people blocked someone?
<DGNeree> i mean UNblocked?
<DGNeree> Olipro?
<DGNeree> jesus christ, this is worse than i thought
<Olipro> the server is probably just slow
<Olipro> there's no other block on you
<DGNeree> ok
<DGNeree> Uw IP-adres is automatisch geblokkeerd omdat het is gebruikt door een andere gebruiker, die is geblokkeerd door Manticore. De opgegeven reden is:
<DGNeree>     Autoblocked because your IP address has been recently used by "D. G. Neree". The reason given for D. G. Neree's block is: "Trolling on User talk:Manticore" 
<DGNeree>     * Aanvang blokkade: 21 mrt 2008 02:45
<DGNeree>     * Einde blokkade: 22 mrt 2008 02:45 
<DGNeree> U kunt deze blokkade bespreken met Manticore of een andere beheerder. U kunt geen gebruik maken van de functie 'e-mail deze gebruiker', tenzij u een valide e-mailadres heeft opgegeven in uw voorkeuren en het gebruik van deze functie niet is geblokkeerd. Uw huidige IP-adres is en het blokkadenummer is #27703. Vermeld beide gegevens als u ergens over deze blokkade reageert.
<DGNeree> U kunt de brontekst van deze pagina bekijken en kopiëren: 
<DGNeree> it says
<DGNeree> your ip adress is autoblocked
<DGNeree> Spang didnt put the right date?
<DGNeree> 22 is tomorrow
<DGNeree> Olipro, no offece, but are there still any capable admins on Uncyclopedia? Or has it just become a wilderness?
<Olipro> not at this time of day
<Olipro> however
<Olipro> go see in #wikia
<Olipro> a staffer can check it over
<Olipro> might just be that I'm tiresd
<Olipro> *tired
<Olipro> but I didn't find any associated blocks
<DGNeree> i want nothing to do with wikia
<DGNeree> and i am sure not going to whine there ab out my block
<DGNeree> i am bitterly dissapointed that a wikia janitor can repeatedly ban me from irc and block me from uncyclopedia and no uncyclopedia-admin can unblock me
<DGNeree> i can tell you: Oncyclopedie will never be under wikia
<DGNeree> as long as i am there to prevent it
<DGNeree> i'll check out the channel.
<DGNeree> yhey hate my guts as i do theirs
<DGNeree> Olipro, who is a staffer on that god dammned arrogqnt wikia channel?
<DGNeree> arrogant
<DGNeree> no luck there
<DGNeree> very nice. now i am blocked from the channel again too. 
<DGNeree> i tell you, this is not over
<DGNeree> this will go on untill i am unblocked from the site and the channel
<DGNeree> are tou still there?
<Olipro> sort of
<Olipro> somewhat busy
<DGNeree> who is tis Manticore guy anyway. he a friend of yours?
<DGNeree> is wikia now boss over uncyclopedia?
<Olipro> he's Australian, I'm British, not really
<DGNeree> why is he blocking me whenever i come on a site or a channel where he is?
<Olipro> why don't you ask him that?
<DGNeree> heh... i do nothing but that
<DGNeree> the only answer is\; trolling and whining
<Olipro> I see
<Olipro> what's wrong with that answer?
<DGNeree> but that is no answer
<Olipro> what answer would you prefer to hear?
<DGNeree> because i am a writer of funny articles. i have helped the dutch oncyclopedie to become a living and growing site and i am an admin there, and on uncommons
<DGNeree> i had two projects with wikia going, but they are dead now, thanks to Manticore
<Olipro> actually, you were de-opped on one of your "projects" for threatening to ban staff
<DGNeree> no. i sked angela to deop me
<Olipro> really
<DGNeree> as you can see, i wrote the goodbye text before i was deoped
<Olipro> so it had nothing to do with the fact you blocked MathPoet
<DGNeree> sorry, it was catherine
<Olipro> oh, and Jack Phoenix for that matter
<Olipro> as someone external to all this, personally, I'd say you're mentally unstable
<DGNeree> what? no of course not. I blocked Mathpoet? Maybe in the beginning to show him the buttons
<DGNeree> Jack Phoenix yes
<DGNeree> i blocked him
<DGNeree>  after 3 times of telling and two reverals of edits
<Olipro> yes, he's a Janitor
<Olipro> you're not allowed to do that
<DGNeree> it was about redirects
<DGNeree> he wasnt then
<Olipro> he was
<DGNeree> ok, maybe he was
<DGNeree> i have then talked with catherine about
<Olipro> all central wikia staff redirect talk to the central wikia site
<DGNeree> we made the policy on paradoxology: No redirects from talk pages to other wikis, not even wikia centrl
<DGNeree> al
<DGNeree> we wanted talks about paradox to be on that wiki. not somewhere else
<Olipro> he's wikia staff
<Olipro> it's just his talk page
<DGNeree> so we talked it out, Catherine, Jack and me
<Olipro> for talking to him
<Olipro> not for discussing paradoxology
<DGNeree> [11:26] <DGNeree> so we talked it out, Catherine, Jack and me
<Olipro> and as a general rule of thumb, you *do not* tell people what to do with their personal pages
<DGNeree> everything was sorted out
<Olipro> beyond preventing profanity
<DGNeree> [11:26] <DGNeree> so we talked it out, Catherine, Jack and me
<DGNeree> and we settled the question
<Olipro> yes, I spoke with MathPoet too
<Olipro> he was asking my advice about it at the time
<Olipro> now I know why
<DGNeree> there was no policy on redirects, so we were free to make our own policy
<DGNeree> if you talked to mathpoet, why do you accuse me of blocking him?
<Olipro> because I never discussed that with him
<Olipro> I'm looking at the logs on the site
<Olipro> and I see you blocked him
<DGNeree> we blocked eachother to learn the buttons
<DGNeree> MathPoet didn't know ANYTHING about wikis
<Olipro> yes, OK
<Olipro> I see it now
<DGNeree> ok
<DGNeree> so, when the argumet witj Jack Phoenix was over, a week later Manticore stepped in
<DGNeree> he started accusing me of admin abuse
<DGNeree> and talked a few buddies to make a redirect uerpage on paradoxology too
<DGNeree> so Pinky and him and others, (sannse i think) started making redirect p\ges
<Olipro> the bottom line is that a Wiki is supposed to be an open-natured culture
<DGNeree> but the policy on paradox was: no direct redirects to oyher wikis
<Olipro> if you try to control people then they'll piss off because they're getting nothing back
<DGNeree> people should respect the policy on a wiki
<Olipro> or just not bother with it at all
<Olipro> which is what the majority will do
<Olipro> you think Wikipedia would be where it is if they had that sort of attitude?
<DGNeree> but never mind that.... i never blocked anyone after Jack
<DGNeree> only Manticore started a feud against me
<DGNeree> blockd me from irc
<DGNeree> accused me of trolling
<DGNeree> whining
<DGNeree> and i haven't been able to be on irc since
<DGNeree> i mean on #uncyclopedia
<Olipro> yes, well you largely brought that upon yourself
<DGNeree> MathPoet and i started that wiki
<Olipro> both Manticore and Codeine banned you
<DGNeree> he did it.
<DGNeree> no, i didnt bring that upon myself
<DGNeree> Manticore started attacking every move i made
<DGNeree> and as soon as he had op-access on irc, he banned me
<Olipro> well, when you draw attention to yourself
<Olipro> people will turn
<DGNeree> i never interfered with him outside the paradox site, a wiki MathPoet and i created
<Olipro> look
<DGNeree> i don't carew about attention
<Olipro> I don't really see where I factor into this
<Olipro> I'm not the person to be talking to
<DGNeree> i asked you to finish the unblocking that Spang didnt finish right. You couldn't and told me to ask wikia staff.i went to the channel and there was Manticore. i said i wanted to talk to staff, so he blocked me from the channel and the blocked me from #uncyclopedia again too
<DGNeree> so now we are back at the beginning:
<Olipro> yes, primarily because instead of asking politely you started making wise-ass remarks
<DGNeree> war
<Olipro> so again
<Olipro> you brought it upon yourself
<DGNeree> i blocked him again on Uncommons an Unm3eta
<Olipro> I'm sure he's devastated
* DGNeree shrugd his shoulders
<DGNeree> what can i do?
<Olipro> learn not to be so abrasive and turn everyone against you?
<DGNeree> what did i bring upon myself? tell me
<Olipro> to be honest, you come across as both arrogant, caustic and having a generally bad attitude
<Olipro> which, is not a good mixture when dealing with authority
<DGNeree> you mean: say yes when you are supposed to? No i will not do that.
<Olipro> no, I mean don't be a prick
<Olipro> nobody's being unreasonable
<DGNeree> caustic? like in caustic soda?
<Olipro> you are turning requests into demands as a result of your own misguided self-importance
<DGNeree> I am angry, because i don't like to be banned for no reason
<DGNeree>  and i hate seeing uncyclopedia faal into the hands of people like that
<Olipro> you're angry because you blinded yourself from seeing the reason you were banned
<Olipro> because you choose to ignore people when they tell you why you were banned
<Olipro> because basically, you're living in some world inside your head
<DGNeree> tell me then, Olipro:Why was i banned?
<Olipro> easy, making a nuisance of yourself
<Olipro> you're not the first
<DGNeree> Olipro, don't kid me. I am a mature man. I hV MY BUSINESS IN TOWN
<Olipro> and you won't be the last
<DGNeree> i have an antique shop
<DGNeree> i am not a schoolkid
<Olipro> no, you're not anything special either
<DGNeree> and i really don't  are what happens to uncyclopedia
<DGNeree> but i will not let my ass be kicked by a rolling janitor
<Olipro> well sadly it will
<Olipro> because he holds all the cards
<Olipro> and you don't
<DGNeree> nope
<Olipro> now, everyone else seems to get along just fine
<Olipro> except you
<Olipro> I wonder why that might be
<DGNeree> he holds cards i don't need, and the fight for me is just for fun
<Olipro> well if it's for fun, then you admit you're trolling
<Olipro> case closed, guilty as charged
<DGNeree> yes, strange that on the wikis i work on there is no trouble at all
<DGNeree> no.
<DGNeree> i didnt start it
<DGNeree> i go for my right to edit uncyclopedia and talk on irc
<Olipro> actually it's not a right
<Olipro> it's a privilege
<DGNeree> because i go thre for fun
<DGNeree> so irc and uncyclopedia is manticore's privilege?
<DGNeree> it is a privilege for him too
<Olipro> no, he just oversees the execution of necessary justice
<Olipro> look, when you went into #uncyclopedia
<Olipro> and you complained
<DGNeree> and he hasnt the right to kick other out
<Olipro> many sided with Manticore
<Olipro> now
<Olipro> when the majority is on his side
<Olipro> who do you think has it wrong?
<DGNeree> the one who doesnt explain his actions
<Olipro> they have been explained
<Olipro> time and again
<Olipro> you choose to ignore them
<Olipro> I already said it twice
<DGNeree> and having a lot of people on your side is no proof at all
<Olipro> but again you choose to ignore that and assume you are perfect
<Olipro> not at all at fault
<DGNeree> a lot of people killed jesus
<DGNeree> and alot of people followed hitler
<Olipro> yes, but we're not killing the Jewish
<DGNeree> no, youre banning people from yhe site
<Olipro> you see, conversely
<DGNeree>  and the channel
<Olipro> a lot of people hated Saddam Hussein
<Olipro> because he was a prick
<Olipro> so that's my counter-point
<DGNeree> i dont care about that man
<DGNeree> i dont know him
<Olipro> well I don't care about hitler then
<Olipro> see, you're doing it again
<Olipro> you're just ignoring what I say
<DGNeree> i am asking: why am i banned from the uncuclopedia channel and site
<Olipro> wrapped up in your little dream world where you're always right
<DGNeree> and nobody can give a reason
<Olipro> ok, that's it
<Olipro> I give up
<Olipro> many have given a reason
<Olipro> but you're clearly off your fucking trolley
<DGNeree> so tell me in 3 words: WWhy?
<Olipro> you need to be sectioned or something
<DGNeree> why, olipro?
<DGNeree> tell me
* Received a CTCP PING 1206096888 from cmonex
<Olipro> trolling and repeated, continuous complaining to the point of becoming a nuisance
<Olipro> AND page vandalism
<DGNeree> page vandalism?
<Olipro> calling someone a "scrotum" on their talk page is not what Uncyclopedia encourages
<DGNeree> you are referring to BENSON?
<Olipro> no
<Olipro> I'm referring to the dutch insults you placed on Manticore's page
<DGNeree> well, yes, that i did yesterday, because he has been hassling me for fucking monthjs now
<Olipro> right, so that makes it OK does it?
<DGNeree> and i want this thing solved
<Olipro> as you say
<Olipro> "people should follow wiki policies"
<DGNeree> no, because i am anned again
<Olipro> and our policy says "don't throw abuse"
<Olipro> and you violated that policy
<DGNeree> our policy said:NO REDIRECTS
<Olipro> yes, but what's nastier
<Olipro> insulting people
<Olipro> or putting a redirect in
<Olipro> I'd say the insults
<DGNeree> so manticore should have respected thjat
<Olipro> well as I recall
<DGNeree> he started banning me before i ever spoke to him
<Olipro> after talking with MathPoet
<Olipro> he decided it'd be OK to allow talkpage redirects
<Olipro> so I don't agree with that point
<DGNeree> look. he started banning me for nothing
<Olipro> no
<Olipro> you chose to ignore the reasons he banned you
<DGNeree> I want the ban uplifted and i will go on fighting for that
<Olipro> also, we're re-addressing points we've already gone over
<Olipro> you're making me repeat myself
<Olipro> which shouldn't be necessary
<Olipro> as I said, you need to go get yourself checked
<DGNeree> you are the one that doesnt want to listen
<Olipro> ah, deflection
<Olipro> you're losing your mind pal
<DGNeree> i have told you very clearly ehat happened
<Olipro> and I addressed you very clearly
<Olipro> hell, it's still there
<Olipro> scroll back and read it
<DGNeree> telling me i am insane?
<DGNeree> man, you are really something
<Olipro> you're not necessarily insane
<DGNeree> hahahaha
<Olipro> but you're not right in the head
<DGNeree> Olipro, you couldn't even unbock me properly
<DGNeree> unblock
<DGNeree> if you had known what is going on
<Olipro> yes, the fact that Mediawiki sorts blocks badly is clearly my fault
<DGNeree> you wouldnt have sai go ask on #wikia
<Olipro> well, I was considering the possibility that Wikia staff have a secondary method to block accounts
<Olipro> such as a global block
<DGNeree> in fact, you are the one living in a dream
<Olipro> again, there's the deflection
<DGNeree> i never got to the staff, did i?
<Olipro> but I'll humour you
<Olipro> no, you didn't
<DGNeree> Manticore was there and he blocked me
<Olipro> yes, because you were unable to resist the temptation to be a prick
<DGNeree> so Spang made an arrangement.
<DGNeree> I would leave Manticore alone and he me
<DGNeree> i would be unblocked
<Olipro> <Manticore> if you're not willing to ask for help, and presume you need staff help, then use the staff contact form as indicated
<Olipro> <DGNeree> Look, i am dutch. the dutch are masters at sending someone from now2here t eternity
<Olipro> that's where it started
<Olipro> and YOU started it
<DGNeree> same story, rea it again
<Olipro> up until then, he had only provided instruction
<Olipro> well
<Olipro> you failed to leave him alone
<Olipro> THEN
<Olipro> you said this
<Olipro> <DGNeree> Ik Manticore. SIEG HEIL! BEFEHL IST BEFEHL
<Olipro> <DGNeree> so there is no help on this channel? only janitors that show you the door?
<Olipro> he'd said NOTHING offensive
<DGNeree> no, i went to the channel to ask something to a wikia staffer man
<Olipro> right
<DGNeree> and he interfered
<Olipro> and because there wasn't one there, that gave you the right to AGAIN be abusive?
<DGNeree> i said: a staffer, not a janitor
<DGNeree> because he is the only goddamn janitor there
<Olipro> a Janitor is IDENTICAL to a staffer in powers
<Olipro> they just don't get paid
<Olipro> he could have sorted your problem just fine
<Olipro> but noooo
<DGNeree> i am not stupid and i bet i'm bigger than you
<Olipro> you chose to throw abuse
<Olipro> I don't give a shit if you are
<DGNeree> you are losing your cool
<Olipro> also, stop talking to me, consider me another person you've managed to put on your enemies lost
<Olipro> you are either the world's best troll
<Olipro> or in need of desperate help
<DGNeree> no.
<Olipro> I bid you a good day.
<DGNeree> whatever
<DGNeree> you suck as an admin
<DGNeree> you really do
<Olipro> you suck as a human being.
<Olipro> you really do
<DGNeree> thanks
<DGNeree> i know now who is saying it
<DGNeree> but you go and suck manticores dick
<DGNeree> and use this sentence against me if you like
<Olipro> bingo
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