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An average Matrioshkan nuclear family, consisting of a husband, a wife and their 2.0 children

  • Matrioshka is a small independent eastern European republic located west of Russia, east of Belarus, and north of Ukraine. Population is 7 million.
  • Matrioshkans are proud Samurai who emigrated from Japan to their present European location in the late 19th century to escape being trampled on by taller Samurai. Some of their kinfolk remained behind and are still in Japan to this day, serving the taller Samurai.
  • They have a keen fashion sense and like to dress in bright and colourful clothing. They are consistently ranked by Elle France fashion magazine as being among the top five best-dressed nationalities in the world.

An inter-generational portrait of Matrioshka Samurai, in traditional costume and makeup (which are worn nowadays only for special occasions such as weddings and cotillions)


This Matrioshkan woman has five avatars, which is average. However, some Matrioshkans have up to 10 avatars.

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