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“Jethro Bodine's contributions to number theory are simply

~ Descartes on Jethro Bodine
“I'm the one who taught Jethro about women.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Jethro


Professor Bodine enjoys automobile touring in his rare spare moments.

Jethro Bodine is a mathematician who is an assistant professor of mathematics at East Beverly Hills University. Professor Bodine is famous for having developed the ciphering method of multiplication and division and is thought to have developed Cauchy's Number. He pioneered the "times" and "guzinta" concepts the rudiments of which are explained in his seminal classic "Ciphering", a leading graduate-level textbook in number theory. Professor Bodine has been compared with Ramanujan, India's most famous folk mathematician.

Interesting Facts

Prior to his appointment, Professor Bodine did his grade school studies at Millicent Schuyler Potts School where one of his favourite subjects was arithmetic.

Professor Bodine's uncle, philanthropist Jed Clampett, endowed the university's new mathematics building and nearby chicken shed the month when Professor Bodine was named to the mathematics faculty.

Professor Bodine taught George W Bush everything he knows about counting, and Bill Clinton everything he knows about women.

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