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edit Intro

Hi I'am Oberst Sepp and I am the leader of the Nationalität sozialistischen sowjetischen Deutsch Arbeiterpartei (Nation Socialist Soviet and German Workers Party[NSSGWP])NATION~1


If you do not read this article you will be Pwned by John's кoммциіѕт Яussians from his comic book they have Floating tanks called Huzzin Hornets you know!!!1!

edit 卍Nation Socialist Soviet and German Workers Party卐

When (Who knows when) the кoммциіѕт Яussians and Nazis United, Hitler called off Operation Barberintherosa and Russia helped win World WAR 2.

Then in 1989 Nazi Ufos Invaded The Empire of Antartica and within 2 months took over Cluck'Tak City. Cluck'Tak City was re-named to Berloscow And made HQ of the entire NSSGWP in 2019 the Russian Federation broke off and now controls the Empire of Antartica (though the Soviet Union is still apart of the Party)

Below: How russia helped us (Red:Germany/Russia Dark|Purple:Japan|Orange: Italy


edit Articles made by me

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