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Pronouncing my name: it is done with a smile as in tyler durdens smile when he is asking lou about contractual rights to use a portion of his basement. Or as in a blonde ballarenia puching buttons in her brother laboratory. With a smile. You could also refer to me as Russell. - This is the page meant to describe me and what kind of user I am.

I'm a great user.I use people for mutual benifit in the grandest effort of service to all reflecting back to ones self

And if you don't like that you can go tell me where to put it.

If you need to talk to me about that then you can do so here, [1] or where ever you like although if you talk to me in your mind I may have trouble hearing you. Just think louder and I will do my best to pay more attention.

This user is a male.

This user was 34 years old before understanding the rules of The Game.

This user has LOTS of freaking code to learn to improve his editing strengths... and he loaths to learn code lest prescious brainspace be filled with nonsense that could of been memorizing beiber lyrics or fantisizing about trying on socks in discount shopping centers.

This user has discovered that their are transformers here.

This user is keeping calm.

This user watched the original startrek cartoon back in the 80s.

I thought wiki was strange and strict, I got no idea what kinda of funkled wackal concept this place has,.

Do I make a funny or fear the reaper.

I made a funny reaper: My first article User:OMGwhatHaveIdone/Broom Hulda Clark You can make it funnier! or blank it. or whatever, IDK I can't stop you. Or can I..... I'm THINK...ING ..AS HARD.. AS I CAN AT YOU!

typo-1 This use ris able to contribute with a babsic levle of Typo.

edit My second article

User:OMGwhatHaveIdone/Tricorder (beamed up)

Not as attached to it as much as I am the first... and yet I am. This is a teeny weeny stub yet I am not sure how far it can go... it has no limit, ITS A FREAKING TRICORDER! ... They shoot laser beams and project holgrams, take readings, give cpr, provide companionship,pleasure said companions, stop laserbeams, trade for currency, provide stock quotes,locate minerals,network with investors,provide illumination,Emit healing T rays (Gates McFadden over Diana Muldaur) .... I wish I had a tricorder.

Did you know tricorders can double as teleporters and replicators at a moments notice?

This spot is not nearly so bumping with edits and editors.

Me thinks the UN lack mascots and promoters. We could use super stealth promoters >:)


Eye am open to discussing anything that I am watching. Eye wonder about Current events and poltical theater. Aye,Ieye, don't poke me in the friggan eye! Please. And thank you.

edit Biotopical

I am a doer. I like to do things. I like to see good fruits of my labors bear great things. LIke bannana appricoit avoacdo monsonto trees yum yum delish good. Like a well told joke read online or some pronografic humors like.. Can I plug the websites I read? Meh, DO you really think you can laugh at cumsprites? It is an aquired sense of humour.

If you wish to laugh at this user then this user will cry and begin to suck his thumbs in a very non adult like manner bessetting the most embarrising actions no responsible civilised individuals will be pleased to wittness :( Like brown paper towels in a public restroom stall Toilet seat. Or meatlaof next to scurrying roaches. Or your moms other delightful whitebread trailer trash dug out home cooked dishes. You dont mind if I speak about my ex girl friends right?

Anyways. Their are many facets to this user. Abondonment issues, Mommy issues, daddy issues, ex wife issues, Issuey issues for which their are no tissues to misuse with lotions. Wait... ex wife issue there. Neverminds. Let us rewind

My name comes on the heels of some penalty strokes I have incurred In other places. So I endevor to be bold differently here while trying to remember how to do "code" properly. The coding is like the grammar on the penalties seem to be more severe or something... IDK. As I have written above I do collect dictionaries but that in no way should in fer that I do anything but read them. I don't nessesarily retain the proper spelling. Or if I do it may be from an 1935 version of english oxford.. WHo knows? MY COPYRIGHT DATES DO! Allegedly.

And now to share with you a public sirvice announbcement

When you find a stray needle in a yard , throw it away carfully. Dont even check the needle cap just dispose of it carfully. Thank you.

And now back to the biopic.

DIving into this thing deeper I thought I OMGwhatHaveIdone was good for both the upper and lower case letters used as well and the metaphorical sense of diving off a cliff into a fantastic adventure.. My last advenmture sucked. The damn canadians wouldn't let me into canada and the broke my shit. I know they got second hand scraps syndrome being our lesser noprthern bitch but that in no way entitles those square heads to destroy my property.

Speaking if square heads. their is a hill;arous / serious/ informitive website I love called racial slur database. It may or maynot be up right now. It gets attcked sometimes. But it has a varitey of sugestions and immitator sites now. Good stuff though if one needs a suggestions for a joke.Craigslist is also good for jokes, just try to get a date using that thing., HA! no don't really follow that advice, It really is less than optimal. As in really REALLY less than, ... ITS bAD DONT do IT> Fair warning and imforming.

I feel some things here could use fair warning and informing tags./

Like the sara silverman Mermaid pee under the see joke.

That needed a warnign.


Words are awesome and with them intimate commumnermications can be convayed in a variatiy of verbose ways.

Exta pictures and video is good to but for begining talkers this will be just fine. I hope. I think Well if nothing else I didn't force you to read this writing so you gotta look at yourself for continuing to read on, and with that I appreciate your time and attentions. And if you laughed at me then I will find you...on the same day I am granted My supper immortal xman super power. .. So yeah whatch out for that day.

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