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This is not Nyuknyuknyuknyuk. This is HAL from 2001 Space Oddissey, with South Park rendition


Facts about Nyuknyuknyuknyuk:
* Nyuknyuknyuknyuk is FAT
* Nyuknyuknyuknyuk is a dude, but that doesn't matter, since he's fat anyway. (Fat people are sexless, and look more like walruses, elephants, and baleen whales, instead of actual people. Nyuknyuknyuknyuk, in particular, actually looks like a walrus)
* Nyuknyuknyuknyuk evolved from a piglet (not from a red-ass monkey like you).
* Nyuknyuknyuknyuk loves people! (especially with worchester sauce and French dressing)
* Nyuknyuknyuknyuk is not a cannibal.
* Nyuknyuknyuknyuk is a n00b
* Nyuknyuknyuknyuk actually laughs like that.(NyuknyuknyuknyukNyuknyuknyuknyukNyuknyuknyuknyukNyuknyuknyuknyukNyuknyuknyuknyukNyuknyuknyuknyukNyuknyuknyuknyukNyuknyuknyuknyukNyuknyuknyuknyukNyuknyuknyuknyuk)

When he doesn't have anything to do, Nyuknyuknyuknyuk edits: (Translation: Nyuknyuknyuknyuk is responsible for these craps)

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