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Only losers worship a comedian/philosopher/thing.

edit Scientific shit

numberQ (Numero dueco) is a reclusive species of mammalian, tan-ish, bipedal creatures. Scientists have speculated since the dawn of time about the behavoural patterns of numberQs, from their mating rituals to if they exist. But now, for the first time ever, this information is being brought to light by one of the rare beasts.

edit Eating habits

numberQs feast upon the souls of the dead tri-nightly[1]. If there aren't any lying around, souls of the living will do in a pinch. They have been known to stray into a digestably gray area however, and will eat

edit Articles

These articles were created by a numberQ, or are being created by one of them.

edit Completed

Ultima-Device First and worst.


edit Under construction


edit Notations

  1. That's 3 times a night, not every three nights.
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