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Ketchup1 Potatochopper of the Month May 2009

Knight Commander of the Order

Foolitzer Foolitzer Prize Winner March 2009
Toiletbadge Toilet Comedian of the Month April 2009

NGU360 T-Shirt

We still have a clearence sale on souvenir T-Shirts!!!

“A good name is better than great riches...”
~ Proverbs 22:1
“That explains why I can't get a good job...”
~ Not A Good Username360 on the above quote.

Hi! I may or may not be here right now! I tend to take hiatuses that make the more well-known online comedians look prudent!

NRV User Nominated for Ban
This user has been nominated for banning —you can vote for them to be banned or nominate your least-favourite users at FFS.
Wait, what?
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