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edit Albuquerque - Land of Carla Aragon

Albuquerque was formed in the year 11,000ad when 2 tectonic plates collided and formed a valley and peak, this gave a landbridge spanning as far as the bering strait where the nomadic tribesman Albukwerkz began to wander and settle to this region, they built crude stripmalls and tobacco shops out of trees and a crop native to the area, Methamphetamine. It was 10,000 years later when the tribesman of Santafaigh entered the region and began a civil war among who was to build the biggest ski resort

Things To Do In The City
Life in present day Albuquerque is grueling and full of hardship for most of the peasants (see indentured servants). The primary amusement of residents is watching the governor get fatter with each passing day. Other popular activities include homicide, cock-fighting, sniffing glue, jaywalking on Central, shop-lifting from Walmart, killing trees and spreading infectious diseases any way possible.

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