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2010 WBA Bloodbath World Cup
2010 Bloodbath in South Africa
Teams 24 (from 1,000 entrants)
Host South Africa
Champions TBC
Matches Played Count them yourself
Attendance TBC
Total Deaths TBC

The 2010 WBA Bloodbath World Cup or known as the 2010 Bloodbath in South Africa was held in 2010 in South Africa. Iraq was originally the host after finishing second in the 06 bids, but had to give the spot to somebody else as they announced they were no longer hosting the cup. This was caused by oil prices dramatically plunging in the country and the United States, Canada, and Mexico stealing oil from the oil-rich country (thank god, because us North Americans are the best). So 5 countries, USA, Canada, Mexico, England, and South Africa bided. The Three North Americans withdrew because we were to busy stealing oil. Leaving England and South Africa. England also realized that they needed oil too. So South Africa hosted.

edit Qualification

edit North America

edit South America

edit Africa/Australasia

edit Europe

edit Asia

  • South Korea takes down rival North Korea 6-1, but withdrew
  • Japan defeats India 4-0
  • China defeats rivals Mongolia 1-0. Due to there small loss, they would play cross-continental with Canada, but lost. China withdrew due to political reasons.
  • Iraq defeated rival Iran, but withdrew due to Oil prices sinking dramatically and oil being stolen. So Iran happily came in to the Tournament.
  • Turkey defeats Palestine 80-0

edit South Africa 2010

A total of ten South African cities were selected to host the World Cup final tournament. The stadium capacities shown are all seated. Many of the stadiums have higher capacities for South African domestic Bloodbath matches as there are no safety regulations regarding spectator capacities. What, you think South African (black and white) Police have a death wish or something?

City Original stadium WC 2010 stadium names Host club(s) Capacity
Johannesburg TMZ Stadium Bloodbath City Johannesburg Criminals 94,700
Durban FreeGameDownloads Stadium Spy Sheriff Hater Stadium Wikipedia Fans 70,000
Cape Town Hotdog Stadium Google Stadium South Africa Mfecane 70,000
Johannesburger Burger City The King of Burgers Field Burger Lovers 62,567
Pretoria LOL Park LOL Must Be Destroyed Stadium n00b haters 50,000
Port Elizabeth Nelson Mandela PW3NS racists Field We Hate Racism Stadium Port Elizabeth Anti-Racists 48,000
Bloemfontein Blow Up Ur Tires Park Blow Up Ur Tires X-TREME Park Bloemfontein Car Jackers 48,000
Nelspruit China's Free Speech Field Fruit Juice Field Fruity 9'rs 46,000
Polokwane Mona Mona Park Shit Stadium Polokwane Poopers 46,000
Rustenburg Rust-eze Stadium Lightning McQueen Tribute Stadium Coal Lovers 42,000

edit Teams

edit Groups

Groups were announced this Christmas

Pot A Pot B Pot C Pot D Pot E Pot F

Icons-flag-za South Africa
Icons-flag-cl Chile
Icons-flag-mx Mexico
Icons-flag-jp Japan

Germany Flag 1 Germany
Iraq flag 1 Iran
Icons-flag-dk Denmark
Icons-flag-ee Estonia

Icons-flag-ar Argentina
Icons-flag-br Brazil
Icons-flag-es Spain
Icons-flag-ca Canada

Icons-flag-tr Turkey
England flag 1 England
Icons-flag-co Colombia
Icons-flag-us United States

Icons-flag-au Australia
Icons-flag-ng Nigeria
Icons-flag-it Italy
Icons-flag-uy Uruguay

Icons-flag-cm Cameroon
France flag 1 France
Icons-flag-be Belgium
Icons-flag-ie Ireland

edit Group A

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-mx Mexico 4100+5.5
Icons-flag-za South Africa 4110+5
Icons-flag-cl Chile 20200
Icons-flag-jp Japan 0002-10
11 June 2010
Icons-flag-za South Africa 7-2 Icons-flag-jp Japan Johannesburg
Nelson Mandela (5), Johnson, Police Brutality 10:45 Yoshi, PaRappa the Rapper
In the Opener of the 2010 WBA Bloodbath World Cup South Africa was playing Japan. In the First 5 Minutes of the game Japanese Captain Hetusku Myatashi was beaten and killed by Police Brutality. Then Nelson Mandela had got a Hat-Trick. Getting the African Giants up 4-0. Then got 2 kills after launching smelly underwear. And Johnson, who was just a fan, had beaten up another Japanese player in Half Time making it South Africa 7-0 Japan as he got a spot in the Squad. However in the last minutes, Yoshi and PaRappa the Rapper played the game of there lives. Slowly getting 2 kills for Japan. But they could not save Japan from defeat. After this many South African homes had huge parties. Celebrating the Opener and the Win of South Africa. While in Hiroshima huge riots broke out 5 Seconds after the game.
11 June 2010
Chile Icons-flag-cl 2-2 Icons-flag-mx Mexico Cape Town
Dennis the Menace, Some Random Chilean Guy 8:65 Lucho, Nachos
In the second game after South Africa vs Japan, It was Chile vs Mexico. First Lucho and Nachos had got the 2 first kills of the match. Then Some Random Chilean Guy got a kill for his nation. As the game looked it was going to be Mexico 2-1 Chile, Dennis the Menace got a last minute kill. Giving one point for both teams.
16 June 2010
South Africa Icons-flag-za 5-5 Icons-flag-cl Chile Pretoria
McCarthy (4), Car Jacker 2:00 Dennis the Menace (3), Apples n Bananas (2)
In a short game that only lasted 2 Hours, was a very good game. First, Dennis the Menace scored 3 kills. But McCarthy changed that giving South Africa a 4-3 lead. And Car Jacker got a kill for South Africa giving them a 5-3 lead. But Apples n Bananas didn't want that. So he got 2 more kills to secure a tie with Chile.
17 June 2010
Mexico Icons-flag-mx 5.5-0 Icons-flag-jp Japan Polokwane
Nachos (4), Some Random Spanish Guy (1.5) 4:30
In a intense match between North American giants Mexico and Asian giants Japan, was brutal. First, Nachos had already destroyed 4 Japanese players with grenades and Crisco. Then, Rafael Marquez was subbed off for Some Random Spanish Guy. He had slayed one Japanese player then critically wounding PaRappa the Rapper, one of the best Japanese players. Lucky for Japan, he was saved in a local Hospital to play against Chile.
22 June 2010
Mexico Icons-flag-mx - Icons-flag-za South Africa Bloemfontein

Mexico win in a nacho bloode bathe by a little help of hitler in the second half

20 June 1994
Japan Icons-flag-jp - Icons-flag-cl Chile Rustenburg
No report yet.
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