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Political career
Order 6969th present
Vice President Mr. Rogers
Term of office 6987–1337
Preceded by Jenna Jameson
Succeeded by Ronald mcDonald
Political party Tacos
Personal details
Nationality American
Date of birth Sextober 32, 9888
Place of birth The Center of the Earth
Date of death WHenever I wanna
Place of death The center of the Earth
First Lady The person <insert name here> loves

Noahlikescakeandpie is obviously a guy named Noah who likes cake but scientists are not sure aboutwhether or not that he likes pie... Damn scientists...

Noahlikescakeandpie is a good animator for websites such as youtube and other sites with a shitload of videos(except for pronsites, stop trying to steal stuff. Sure you found out my password but that doesn't mean you can mess with shit)

edit Mindless Videos

Noahlikescakeandpie made several awesome videos that nobody watches. Since you're here why don't you go watch em. Please he's desperate and won't come out of his room!! [1]

His video include:

edit Final Fantasy Pivot

Random fight for no reason. In this video two random people fight an Elephant

edit His precidency

Noahlikescakeandpie was elected president as the first Black, White, russian, alien, teenager, baby, triangle, and Bob Saget combination. He was not a Fingerlican or a Femocrat he believed in the Noahocracy. The belief where everybody named Noah is more important then anybody in the world. Surprising he won because on election day he claimed that only uncool people vote. He was the only one who voted. Well at least we know he isn't cool.

edit Articles this idiot wrote

edit Articles this idiot is working on

None right now.

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