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Reno, the "Las Vegas" of northern Nevada.
Civic anthem: Gotta' Quarter?
State Nevada
Official nickname The Smallest Biggest Littlest Tiniest Most Mediocre City in the World
Official language(s) English, Spanglish
Mayor Harrahs Corp.
Established 1876
Currency Casino Chips
Opening hours 24/7
Dialing code Reno 911

Reno is a city in Washoe County, Nevada, United States. The city has a population of about 23,000 permanent residents (the other 2 million only visiting to gamble and whore it up) and is the fourth most populous city in Nevada, after Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. It sits in some of the worst real estate in the region - a high desert valley at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. The word "Reno" is derived from "renal cancer," which many of its residents suffer due to high endemic rates of alcoholism and problem gambling.

Reno, known as "The Smallest Biggest Littlest Tiniest Most Mediocre City in the World", is famous for its casinos. And that's it. City residents are called "dumb-asses".

edit History and Economy

As early as the 1850s a few pioneers traveled to the Reno area and managed to get there without being trapped in snow and eating each other, like the Donner Party. They decided to stay on in Reno and avoided branching off towards Donner Lake, where the formidable obstacle of the mountains of the Sierras began.

Methamphetamine was discovered in the vicinity of nearby Virginia City in 1850 and a modest drug dealer community developed, but the discovery of crack in 1859 led to one of the greatest substance abuse bonanzas of all time.

In 1871 Reno became the county seat of the newly expanded Washoe County, However, political power in Nevada remained with the drug communities, based out of Virginia City, Nevada.

As the drug boom waned early in the 20th century, Nevada's centers of political and business activity shifted to the non-drug Prostitution and gambling communities, especially Reno and Las Vegas, and today the former drug metropolises stand as little more than ghost towns.

The famous "Reno Arch" was erected on Virginia Street in 1926 to compete with the St. Louis Arch in the state of Missouri. The Reno City Council decided to make the arch into a permanent downtown gateway, and Mayor Mike Hunt asked the citizens of Reno to suggest a slogan for the arch. No acceptable slogan was received until a one-dollar prize was offered, and Montgomery Burns of Springfield was declared the winner on March 14, 1929 with "Reno, The Smallest Biggest Littlest Tiniest Most Mediocre City in the World".

Nevada's legalization of casino gambling in 1931 created another boom for Reno. This ended by the 1950's when Las Vegas was developed in southern Nevada. Today, Reno is often referred to derisively as "Vegas Jr."

Nowadays, Reno is a complete hole, with 24% unemployment as a result of the "housing bubble." Drug users and homeless people can be seen on every corner, and the police force is powerless to stop it.

edit Climate

Reno sits in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, so it never rains. Ever.

Summer highs are in the low to mid 120s °F, but higher temperatures occur. Winter lows are often below zero °F. The place is a hellhole in every sense of the word.

edit Government


Reno has only one public police officer - the rest are rent-a-cops.

Reno has a basic, basic "democratic" government controlled by the gaming corporations that make up 99.999% of the local economy. There is no infrastructure and there are no public services. Education, public safety, transportation, and health care are all entirely privatized, and are enjoyed only by those with the funds to pay for them.

edit Education

edit Universities and colleges

edit Private schools

  • Reno Elementary School (44 students)
  • Reno Junior High School (23 students)
  • Reno High School (11 students)

edit Recreation


Gambling is the thing in Reno. The only thing.

Reno is home to a variety of recreation activities including both seasonal and year-round, as long as you like gambling. Activities include Black Jack, Poker, Craps, Roulette, and slot machines.

edit Culture


edit Notable residents


edit Sister cities

Reno has two sister cities:

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