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“...almost always means, "yes"!”
~ Oscar Wilde on No
“ the opposite of "yes." Except when "no" means "yes," which is quite often.”
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The universal symbol for "no",

No is the most basic negative word. It is the opposite of the most basic affirmative word, "yes". At least in theory, that is.

edit When "No" means "No"

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Sometimes, "no" really means, "no".

Experts agree that "no" often really means "yes." So how does a person know when "no" means "no"? "No" often (but not always) means "no" when it is preceded or followed by one or more of the following words or phrases: Nope. No way. Not a chance. Nevermore. No go. Not on your life. No way in hell. Never ever. Not in your wildest dreams. Not if you were the last man on Earth. Nuh-uh. No way Jose. No dice. Not in a million years. You've got to be kidding. You talking to me? Are you serious? Are you an idiot? Are you drunk? Are you high? What are you smoking? Do you think I was born yesterday? Do I look like a jackass? What's wrong with you? How can you say that? What did they teach you in school? Don't you get it? Do I have to spell it out for you? What do I have to do to get through to you? Someone needs to slap you. You need a wake-up call. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

It should be noted that the list above is not meant to be all-inclusive.

edit When "No" means "Yes"

On the other hand, there are many times when "no" can, in fact, mean "yes". Experts agree that "no" probably means "yes" when followed or preceded by one or more of the following words or phrases: Nah. I couldn't. I really shouldn't. Not today. Not right now. Not until later. I can't. I won't. Oh, no, please. I wouldn't even consider it. No thank you. Not here. I'll call my dad. I'll call my brother. I'll call the police. I'll tell your parents. I'll tell your girlfriend. I'll scream. I'll kick you in the balls. Don't make me slap you. I'll file a rape report. (Sobbing).

It should be noted that the list above is also not meant to be all-inclusive.

edit Some Foreign No's


Patrick Stewart as "Dr. No," before he went bald.

No's come from many countries. Here are some samples:

  • Spain = No
  • France = Non
  • Russia = Nyet
  • Germany = Nein
  • Japan = Ne-hei
  • China = Ching-chong nang ding dong
  • Vietnam = Wu tang clan
  • Finland = No ei vitussa!!!

edit Some Famous No's

  • Dr. No
  • No-way Jose
  • No-Fat Albert

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