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Poo This User, No, yuo, has been awarded
at Sliferjam's Annual Contest!

Mock them endlessly.

Strat balloon There should probably be
some pretty boxes
that describes
the minutiae of
what I do
So there.

Home-made pictures.
50pxUmldiagram110px-TOGO coat small
125px-TOGO flag largeTanks BDC
MonaLisaMrTnofaceDivina proportione
HappybgHappysadSad nokids cross
HappysmotesadSad nokidsSadpillar
Agent Orange

Ideas in the Suggestion box please!

edit Tour of the world

We burn down London and then visit the noble people of Togo. We trudge through Western Sahara, wondering what on earth the Poles are doing there. Then, off on a boat to the lovely, (yet rather small and remote) islands of Tristan da Cunha.

edit Off to war!

Visting mexico on teh intarweb we come across The Mexican War For Independance quickly escaping the elite force of the 99th Red Balloon Infantry we come across the war weary participants in World War Revolution.

edit Stringing some other nonsense together

Then, as we continue to live, notwithstanding the horrors of User:No, yuo/Rubber, we encounter the faliure that is Kid Icarus. We charitably help Monsters and encounter the greek god Anus.

Placing adverts in Uncyclo-classifieds we had patience, but some bugger didn't.

We also butcher the russian alphabet, and hence rescue Cyrillic from the admin's Knife. We also have a quick stop at: the Navy and dabble in the dark arts of OOP.

We are curt, yet short and not verbose whatsoever ...

And smash you in the face.

Also, Orange

edit Ooh look, a book.

Biblical tales in picture.


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