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Nitchee/UnNews:Colonel Gaddafi leads Time Magazine's shortlist for Person of the Year

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22 August 2011

Gaddafi time

Prototype for Time Magazine's Person of the Year edition. Disregard offensive material written on the left of the picture.

Tripoli, Libya -- Colonel Gaddafi has been praised by Time Magazine for his contribution towards human rights and world peace "He is simply so influential in the world right now", says Time Magazine editor Fheking Rhedard. "Without him, the world would be emptier in my opinion."

The Colonel has been mainly praised for his attitude towards the human rights of his country, Libya. His supporters are currently on the way from all corners of Libya to Tripoli, Libya's capital (it was recently voted world's peaceful and most prosperous city). The supporters have flooded the city, and even when the authorities are trying to hold back the sheer love of the supporters of Gaddafi, they cannot stop huge groups of supporters from firing fireworks into the sky, and shouting "Gaddafi Akhbar" (Gaddafi is great).

World Organisations NATO and UN have recently praised Gaddafi's efforts for supporting the world economy with cheap oil and a growing national economy (recently S&P upgraded their rating of Libya to AAA, ahead of the USA). The UN has praised the Gaddafi family for a fantastic court and justice throughout Libya. NATO soldiers are currently flying over Libya protecting Gaddafi from terrorists, and sending journalists to find out the secrets of national economic miracles.

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