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Ninja88penguin is the offspring of a hot ninja babe and a short mutated Batman Villian. He spend his childhood being raised in an 88 Chinese Grocery Supermarket, playing with cardboard cereal boxes and frozen falafel balls. As a result, he was raised with the education and training of a ninja, the numerical alignment of the dual perpendicular infinity, and the evil genious of...well, the penguin. At least ninja88penguin was not raised by the Joker; clowns scare him and are probably his only weakness. Fortunately, no one knows this except for ninja88penguin as no one bothers to read his uncyclopedia user page.

Ninja88penguin has yet to find an superhero to be an evil nemesis to. He is currently accepting applications. Ninja88penguing Enterprises is also offering many positions for minion and lackey job opportunities. Please post resumes on the Uncyclopedia disgustion board.

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