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So, you want to know about Nightmare975 huh? Well you've come to the right place. Nightmare975 is the only man who has extensively recorded the world of the future. Now sit back and relax, because the world of tomorrow is here today.

edit The Reign of Cheney


The world during Dick Cheney's reign.

edit United States

During the late 2000's, Dick Cheney, took control of the White House. It was during this, that the nation of Canada was getting rather rash and decided to attack America. Long story short, they failed, and America was finally able to connect Alaska to the rest of the United States. Iraq and some of the surrounding areas taken given to America were finally admitted into the United states as the 51st State.

edit Mexican Republic

Mexico, tired of being a country full of border jumpers to America, decided to jump over the borders of their other neighbours and take their jobs and ultimately, their country. Mexico ended up taking full control of Central America.

edit Columbia

Columbia was scared of Mexico taking their drug business away from them and began to build up a strong army to combat any opposition from the Mexican Republic, and Brazil, who had begun a full scale dominance of the continent. Over time, Columbia snatched smaller countries to strengthen itself.

edit Brazil

Brazil began what it called "El Dominatión esta South America", capturing country after country. It's only opposition was Columbia and Paraguay; which for some reason, could not be defeated. Paraguay was able to keep most Brazilian troops trapped at the border. Brazil finally gave up and focused on Columbia.

edit North and South Africa

In an attempt to unify Africa, South Africa began a passive and nonviolent way of unifying Africa under one flag. North Africa however, refused and began to unify it's own countries, until North and South Africa were divided by one border. Tiny conflicts ensue.

edit Egyptian Dominance

Egypt, in an attempt to restore it's former glory, began to strengthen itself. But due to the fact that North Africa was doing the same, and none likes to attack pissed off Africans, Egypt stopped with what it gained, calm and collected.

edit Middle East

The Middle East had finally been united under one flag, and were extremely pissed when Iraq and some of the area around it was made into the 51st State of the USA. Knowing that any attack on Iraq would result in war against America (again), they held back, and waited for the time to strike, and take back what was rightfully theirs.

edit England

England had gone through massive turmoils involving a struggling economy, royal assassinations, and the Irish invasion. England was able to fight off the Irish, finally taking control of Ireland itself. Afterwords, England began to see the rest of the world as a blight on the world.

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