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edit About Jack Layton

Jack Layton is a shape shifting alien from the planet Faggort in the Andrenomedalabakadaka galaxy (or whatever the fuck it's called), born in the year 28714 BC. He first appeared in Los Angeles in 1942 when a supposive UFO hovered above the city. He was next spotted in England selling Marjuana joints (I think there was some columbian cocaine in there too, man that was good stuff) to King Robert Barathian in 1961.

After making enough money from his "buisiness" he bought the rank of Communist leader of Zimbabwe for 4100 Microsoft Points. With his iron fist ( He literally had a glove made of iron taken from homeless peoples wheelchairs) he declared the Poptart Ban of 1970 (see the "Poptart Revolution" section for more details) which lasted until 1972.

After he was banned from the PSBOX LIVE Network he to moved to Canada for his continued douchebaggery. 10 years later in 1982 he formed an ad campaign called the NPD (New Pepsi Democracy) which we know today as 4chan.

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