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Chart of intelllegence

The percentage of who's who. Your most likely a Complete Dumbfuck.

“Where do i fit in?”
~ Captain Oblivious on The Five Levels of Idiocy

Imagine yourself, just walking downtown, mindin' your own business. Now, all of a sudden, Something really stupid this way comes. For example...some clumsy blonde bumps into you in a really stupid fashion, or somebody says something incredibly stupid, or some crazy driver talking on his cell phone while driving steers onto the sidewalk, running over you and thousands of poor civilians, then crashes into a random H Bomb and blows up your entire frickin' city. Note: This is especially likely in California, Washington, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and the Virgin Islands, because face it...stupid people break the law. That probably explains why you went to prison, Bubba.

Well, if you've come to this article, this has probably happened more than once in your lifetime. Each of these people would fit into one of the categories of stupidity. Everything on Earth does. There are 5 main levels of stupidness in the world, and I have constructed a guide on all 5. Note that if you happen to fall into any category below "Normal", Please learn how to read before proceeding.

edit Normal

A normal, regular person, who is not dumb in any way. Normal is the second rarest of all 5 types, with about 300,000 throughout the world. A list of a few of these include: Me, this guy, that guy, some guy and Chuck Norris.

edit Idiot

Somebody with an IQ of about 70. These people are pretty damn stupid.

edit Mentally Incapable of Anything

The most common, these people have an IQ between 42 and 69.

edit Complete dumbfuck

Oh dear jebus, kill me now...these people are so stupid, that your head would Explode and get luanched 100 miles into space should you ever lay eye contact with them. What could be more dumb than to the point where they would kill you with on contact?

edit President of the United states of America

Seriously. George Motherfuckin' Bush Is SO fricking stupid, that he cannot complete an entire sentence without screwing it up. In example:

Americans are a free people, who know that freedom is the right of every person and the future of every nation. The liberty we prize is not America's gift to the world; it is God's gift to humanity.

Americans are A free PEOPLE?! Apart from the fact that this sentence makes no sense...God, did the president ever learn the mean of the word grammer? what a fucking dumbass.

"Profanity is the refuge of inarticulate bastards", and you also can't spell!

Chart of intelllegence

The percentage of who's who. Your most likely a Complete Dumbfuck.

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