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I am Newman66, a contributor to Uncyclopedia. I have been on Uncyclopedia since May 2013, and all other wikis on the Internet as of the summer of 2012 that I am registered on take slightly similar usernames, such as Newman2, which is a username that can be notably seen as on Simple English Wikipedia, Meta-Wiki and Meta-Uncyclopedia (Uncyclomedia) as me. For upcoming Ungame and article projects, go to the Swanana Care. I can sometimes be seen as a "future" counterpart of Zombiebaron and Ljlego. I'm not to be confused with Newmansere or Newmcody.

From September 20th to September 23rd, I will be gone from Uncyclopedia due to extreme business because of the rise of my new forum and school started a couple of weeks ago. You should not have any distress or despair about me, because I'll be back on September 23rd as I said as it's only going to be a short time of inactivity.

By the end of July, I started to become a more active member here. When I was first registered, I would've been first considered and regarded part of a trio with the two other boys named Saddex and Ioneadii.

I am currently seen very often on the voting pages, which means I add templates on, and vote on QVFD and VFD. I occasionally visit the Ban Patrol as well.

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NEW! Revenge of Captain Obvious coming soon on UnGame!

Templates are going to be made for this game right now. Everything on this game should be 100% complete very soon, which would be by in a few days or so. It has the exact same layout as Zork and Abyss, but with a few exceptions:

  • If you died, it will say "Start again." instead of "Start over".
  • Shows the opposing entity's stats along with your stats.
  • If a user doesn't know what the item is when you first get it, you have the ability to ask what it is. This means it will treat the playable protagonist used to beat the game as if they didn't remember what it is.
  • The user who beat the game won't just get a userbox for it, but will also get lots of other special free rewards as well.

Existing pages I've made

Camouflage rubber duck (first article I ever made)


User:Newman66/Ultra Duck Professor (fourth to be worked on, after Camouflage rubberduck, Swanana, and Ultra Duck Megatron, and still under construction)

User:Newman66/Mr. Toad (still under construction)

User:Newman66/Blaziken (still under construction)

User:Newman66/Worst 100 Things To Eat (my first attempt at a Worst 100 List, still under construction)

User:Newman66/Lolo Jones (still under construction)

User:Newman66/Sojourning Dicks (still under construction)

User:Newman66/Afghan rubber duck (goes with my other duck articles, still under construction)

Indus River (latest article)

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