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Welcome to the Swanana Care, the nursery of pages and Ungame projects for the Swananas to visit Uncyclopedia!

edit Upcoming UnGame projects

edit Newman66's projects

Revenge of Captain Obvious (unfinished, upcoming)

Grouchian Fail (upcoming)

Humbugs (upcoming)

edit Pages

These are user's projects in their namespace. To have userspace pages donated here for their own progress, put your username <insert name here> below, and put the name of the pages you want the Swananas to search for.

edit Newman66's Projects

User:Newman66/Ultra Duck Professor

User:Newman66/Mr. Toad

User:Newman66/Afghan rubber duck


Newman66/Lolo Jones

Sojourning Dicks

Worst 100 Thing To Eat


edit Completed pages

edit Newman66's Pages

Indus River

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