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~ Mr. Toad on Trees

Mr. Toad is a person who transformed into a frog by Mr. T and has been first told by a story in the game Wind in the Willows. He is bored much like Ultra Duck Professor, so he has time playing tricks and doing wacky editions whenever he wants. Disney has also featured this silly creature in remakes of Wind in the Willows for him being as notorious as the characters in Romeo and Juliet. Mr. Toad was almost unstoppable.


Mr. Toad respects Murray the demonic talking skeleton.

Mr. Toad

This is a depiction of Mr. Toad as shown in Wind in the Willows.

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edit Early Life


Mr. Toad before his skin was grafted into a toad. His form was not quite to the final point yet, as you can easily notice.

Mr. Toad was born as Christopher in 1878. He grew up worked at teacher until moving to a different district sometime after. But eventually in 1903, Mr. T had cursed him by grafting toad/frog DNA onto his tissues and gaining a spell from a witch. Mr. T and his witch friends eventually changed his name to Mr. Toad in honor of Mr. T; and Mr. Toad also became a toad-like ruffian with the personality and behavior of Mr. T.

edit Adoption of Pokémon

Mr. Toad had also caught Pokémon when he was demanded by Mr. T's soul to bring himself inside the Pokémon universe. The Pokémon he currently has are Cloyster, Swanna, and Ling-Ling. He also had a Slowpoke and a Snorlax, but they were stolen by Captain Obvious in 1998 so he could introduce them to Earth so they could walk around for exercise and not retain any times with Mr. Toad or in the Pokémon world.

Mr. Toad sings a version of the infamous song called "Yakety Sax" to his Cloyster in an aquarium next to his bed when it is nighttime, which you can listen by clicking the play button on the video. Notice that the video has a picture of him before he became Mr. Toad!

-Yakety Sax- Music04:35

-Yakety Sax- Music

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