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“Ahhhh... the tenderfoot athlete who looks very similar to Rihanna!”
~ Captain Obvious on Lolo Jones
“So you have a runt as a partner, huh?”
~ PETA on talking to Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones is a world athlete who teaches tricks to a guinea pig to make it correspondent to humans like her. Lolo Jones had won several awards in the past. She is well known for her widespread onto celebrity sites and Olympics records.

Captain State-The-Obvious

Can't hold on... much... LONGER! That's why his name is Cliff Hanger!!!

Lolo Jones and Monkey Ball

Lolo Jones making a face at the cover of a Super Monkey Ball game.

edit Early Life

Lolo Jones was born in Des Moines as Lori Jones Jr. Her mother was Lori Jones Sr., and her high school was Roosevelt High School (what a common school name, right?).

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