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The chao are the best pets anyone can have. They can fly, they can tell you what its fealling with its thing above its head and it does not need fingers to grab stuff. Also they can swim. Everyone has a chao version of themselves, even YOU.

Chao are born from eggs which are created when a Chao sits down and flowers form in a circle around it. Yes, flowers. Then a another Chao comes to bang it but another chao comes and they end up fighting over the chao. The strong chao wins fatality. But the two Chao are of the same sex: female. And the egg is formed.


What happens if you mess with a Chao.

edit Behavior

When the person is in the garden, the chao will do random stuff such as crawling walking and swimming in the water if it can't swim walking some more eating swimming, putting it's feet up playing happily.

edit Biology of the Chao

edit Specimen of Chao

Dark Chao

They play music on their disc player in their garden and try to mimic it. But the dark chao just hit the chao sending him home crying. They also go out into your world to hunt things, who said the Dark Chao only ate fruit.

Hero Chao

The Hero Chao fly around the garden and sing their songs of harmony which constantly get interupted by the dark chao. One incident orcurred when a song was switched with a Hatsune Miku song.

Normal Chao

They have to listen to the dark chaos deathmetal and the hero chaos high pitched voice singing. When it isn't happening they eat stuff and try to mantain the waterfall in their garden.

Chaos Chao

The chaos chao ignore the songs constantly going on. And they can talk so they tell the normal chao to make their own annoying song which led to this.

edit Diet of the Chao

The diet of Chao are significantly varied.

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