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“NO! My precious Pikachu needs some reviving!”
~ Ash Ketchum on encountering a Blaziken
“This Fire and Fighting-type Pokémon is one big thing!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Blaziken
“A kung fu chicken? What's not to like?”
~ Some guy on Blaziken

Blaziken is a final form of a Fire-type starter Pokémon. It is rivals with Swampert and Sceptile, other starter species from Hoenn. If you are battling a Blaziken when using a low-level Pokémon to fight with it, it will be seriously hurt by the foe Blaziken.

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A neck protrusion variant of the Blaziken that was shaved.


A Blaziken aiming at something.


This is what happens when a dog wakes up after being beaten by a Blaziken.

edit Move learnset

This Pokémon can learn a whole variety of moves, including Fire Punch, Low Kick, Ember, and Horror Punch. Other moves able to be learned are Scratch, Focus Energy, Sky Uppercut, Chuck Norris Kick, Norris Talk, Hippie Slash, Quick Attack, Arcane of Arson, Bulk Up, Sand-Attack, Prune-to-the-Touch, and High Jump Kick.

edit Games featured in

Blazikens were featured in Animal Crossing, where a poster with them was a decorative item to place in your home. It could be hung up on walls, and was held by Penny.

A Blaziken could be found in Raving Rabbids, used to trick a Raving Rabbid into thinking it was you.

edit Ways to stop a Blaziken


There are some ways to instantly defeat a Blaziken, which can be hard for certain people. These are:

- Get Meloetta to sing "She, even though, she. In the way, in the way, the moon echo, she (and so on)."

- Send out a Blastoise, Feraligatr, or Samurott, and pack up any Torterra, Sceptile, or Venusaur!

- Have a Corsola and send it out for battle and if leveled up significantly it might defeat the Blaziken. Warning: Don't use this Corsola in battle anywhere else than for battling tough Fire- and Ground-types, or it may be KO'd by a Pikachu, Mareep, Foongus, Carnivine, or maybe even a powerful and creepy Cacturne!

- Catch a wild Blaziken. The Pokéball you are using must be a Master Ball or stronger for the Blaziken, or else it might not go into the ball properly.

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