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Cast off your delusions and gain knowledge and wisdom from learning from your mistakes, bad decisions, bad behavior, bad actions, and other things so you learn not to repeat them. Only then can you become a Neuromancer like me and gain enlightenment and end suffering and pain and reach a state of Nirvana like the Buddha did.

Learn Love and Logic

Learn Critical Thinking

Visit the above links and learn from them and become a much better person.

Do everything in moderation taught The Buddha and so teaches the Neuromancers. Moderate what you eat and drink, moderate your Internet and video game usage, moderate everything in life and then you will live long and gain the knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment you need to end your suffering and pain and cast off your delusions and learn the truth. Nothing to sell here, but you can seek your own salvation for free and prevent your untimely death by following my advice on my user page.

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