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Part of Spam War
Spamian Bomber sinks the ship Aslan, lol
Date 2 April 2101 - 14 June 2101
Location City of Spamland
Result Decisive Spamian Victory
Causes Spam independence from Narnia
Narnia Spamians
Aslan Oscar Wilde
30 Tigers
10 Gay Human Heroes
900,000 SPAM Bombers, 1,000,000 Wilderian Troops
30 Tigers Killed
10 Gay Human Heroes killed

Spam War

After the liberation of Narnia, It was divided into two halves by squabbling amongst themselves for control of the Narnian Senate. There was the extreme left wing side, or Spamland and the more peaceful and right winged nation of Narnia. After the long and oppresive rule of the Narnians, the Spamanians finally realized they were more powerful than the Narnians, and massed their forces along the border. The second great war in Narnia was about to begin...

NarniaMap Spam before

Narnia and Spamland before the war.


The Siege of Spamland began at 6:35AM, 2101. The first charge at Spamland by the Narnians was lead by me, and was totally destroyed by your mom's ass. She tripped on the Spamian fort of New York and killed them.


Negroman attacked the Narnian faggots awhile ago. Meanwhile, a similar fellow named Fresh was rapping about his B-Ball court(later killed by Marines because he out rapped them P.S. never piss off marines they will humilate you in front of your girlfriend them kill you and bone your girlfriend then kill her TRUST me it happened to me, thats why they are badass mutha fuckers.


I shouted "FIN!" and everybody stopped because they love Me.

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