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MIB in Međugorje, after the feud, just before using those fancy anti-remembering pens.

Međugorje is a willage in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is famous pilgrimage site and also place of one of the biggest mass conspiracies since Americans didn't landed on the Moon.

According to Deutch ethnologist Mart Bax and few very NPOV users of German Wikipedia, in 1991 and 1992, a bloody feud took place between local Croat gangs. Bloody feud resulted in 140 inhabitants, out of 3,000, lost their lives, 60 went missing and 600 fled the area and most propably went to Germany, the land of the brave fighters against Balkanische edit warriors.

Also, numerous houses were damaged or destroyed, but were quickly repaired, so noone would notice that anything bad happened.

edit Men in Black

Unfortunately, than came Men in black and used those fancy-schmancy pencils, so everyone forgot that they lost some relatives. Relatives? What relatives? Anyway, thanks to Men in Black, who basically flashed all the bad things from the memory of entire population of the city. They also cleared the memory of some units of Croatian Army that was involved in teh conflict and of all the journalist that lived there at the time.

Some Serbs and Bosniaks heard about the story too, but are caught and funny-pen-flushed by MIB.

Luckily, Mart Bax somehow escaped the MIB and menaged to escape to Netherlands to tell the story. Actually, he didn't even see the feud, but was told about it from unknown informants, who also escaped MIB. Nobody knows why he protected his informants, since exclusively in Islam there's religious fanatism and witnesses' stoning. [1]

edit Media reports

None. Don't you get it? MIB took care of everything!

edit Surviver stories

None. Don't you get it? MIB took care of everything! Nearly...

edit Evidences still to be destroyed

Allegedly, the MIB failed to destroy these evidences, as they were infiltrated by fanatic anti-Croats and possessed Medjugorje haters, but nobody realized it.

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