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Fighter Number of Deathmatches Won Lost Other Notes
Chuck Norris  ?  ? 0 Go check yourself, ass.
Oscar Wilde 6 6 0 He has won against The Man, Gene Wilder, Bill Murray, Noel Coward, Anti-Wilde (twice).
Steven Colbert 5 4 1 He won against Jon Stewart (While pretending to be Stephen Colbert), Axl Rose, Freddy Krueger, and The Bear, but lost against Dick Cheney.
Carlos Mencia 4 3 1 He won against Jay Leno, Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle, and Charlie Murphy, but lost in the Comedy fight episode.
Strong Bad 3 3 0 He has won against Strong Sad and Strong Mad (Same fight), Homestar Runner and 1-Up (Same fight), and Bam Margera and Gene Simmons (When not even a contestant).
Mario 3 3 0 He has won against Luigi, Sonic, and Bowser.
Homer Simpson 3 2 1 He has won against Peter Griffin, and Bruce Lee, but lost against Meg Griffin.
Mike Myers 3 1 2 He won against Metallica, but lost against Will Ferrell and Chuck Norris
Eric Cartman 2 2 0 He won against Terrance and Phillip and Fidel Castro.
"Weird Al" Yankovic 3 3 0 He won against Billie Joe Armstrong and Prince (When not a part of the fight) and The Wikipedia Monster.
Adam Savage 2 2 0 He won against Jamie Hyneman and Clay Aiken.
Hindleyite 2 2 0 He won against Mhaille, and DWIII and Codeine.
Ozzy Osbourne 4 4 0 He won against A Ghost, Nintendo DS(When not even part of the fight) Orlando Bloom and User: Narutowiki5808.
Slash 2 2 1 He won against Axl Rose and Freddy Krueger, but lost against A Bear.
Predator 3 2 1 He won aganist David Lee Roth and Alien but lost to Eddie Van Halen.
Elliott Sadler 2 2 0 He won against Jeff Gordon and Kurt Busch.
Fidel Castro 2 1 1 He won against Osama bin Laden and Kim Jong-il but lost against Eric Cartman.
Charlotte Church 2 1 1 She won against Aled Jones, but lost against Oscar Wilde.
George Dubya Bush 2 1 1 He won against George W. Bush but lost against Adolf Hitler.
Blue Collar Stars 2 1 1 They won against Lewis Black, but lost against each other.
The Wikipedia Monster 3 1 2 He won against Medusa but lost against Chuck Norris and Weird Al Yankovic.
Moses 2 1 1 He won against Jesus and Evil Jesus but lost against Chuck Norris.
Jamie Hyneman 2 1 1 He won against Clay Aiken but lost against Adam Savage.
Tom Cruise 2 1 1 He won against Lindsay Lohan but lost against Katie Holmes.
Mel Gibson 2 0 2 He lost against Samuel L. Jackson and Charles Darwin.
Clay Aiken 2 0 2 He lost against The Mythbusters and The Bosnian Warrior Knight.
Ironman 2 0 2 He lost against Chuck Norris and Gene Simmons.
Alien 2 0 2 He lost against Eddie Van Halen and Predator.
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