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Bloody Mary refers to a common childrens legend about a woman who kills innocent children every year, and is most likely responsible for making you look in the mirror and go "Is that me?".jjk g

edit Identity of Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is not an identified indivudual in the book of history, however, many think she may be connected with Queen Mary I of England. This does make sense, for during her reign, 287 humans were burnt at the stake, invited to barbeques, or. It is also said that she used to cause horrible fates for young woman one day when she was sprayed with a skunk. Mad with rage, she stole the innocent little girls's tomatoes and bathed in them in a bathtub to save her beautiful scent, but stayed in it so long that she turned bright red, causing the French to wisecrack "Ketchup with the times, Mary!", unintentionally causing one of the most bloodiest battles in history.


The Band-Aid, clearly developed after Bloody Mary's time.

Alternativly, the story behind the myth is usually:

My friend told me the most terrifying story the other day, it was about a woman named Bloody Mary. She lived quite happily with her children, when suddenly, an unexpected event occured which costed her childrens lives. For reasons no one knows, somebody/she murdered her children! Then, one day, she went mad, eventually resulting in her suicide! For her burial, she requested specifically in her will to be buried inside of a medicine cabinet...

edit The Legend

Warning: This ritual does not work in boys bathrooms.

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