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Bridget O'Foulen and her treasure "chest"

Bridget O'Foulen is someone You don't want to piss off, especially if you are very prone to large spider attacks, swarms of bees or anything remotely infested with killer ants' offspring. O'Foulen has mastered a way to make you a paranormal reading or a side effect that is quickly squished like lesser insects. She's a church lady type who gets downright mean and goes medieval on your ass if you so much as look the wrong way at her. She is rumored to have played the role of the swamp witch in Legend, the closet monster manifestation in Poltergeist and possibly the alien mother thing in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. She is a devout member of Christianthony and has a PhD in Major Douchebag-ness.

edit O'Foulen's Spokespersons


Bridget on a good day

An interesting point here is that Jerry Falwell never mentions O'Foulen's name in any of his campaigns, though Regnus du Anus makes sure to mention her name in every single public speech, laden with compliments and mush galore. While Falwell acknowledges O'Foulen as a generous donator, he has only spoken of her generous donations to his ministry.

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