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“What the hell? This train has no gender! Is anyone blind?!”
~ Meiling on the P-SP1900
“1900 doesn't seem that fast. SP should be PS and damn this train lasted for 109 years? Boooo...”
~ Five Magic Stones on the P-SP1900
“This train looks powerful enough to smash through buildings. Too bad it would happen to be steak.”
~ Mystia Lorelei on the P-SP1900
~ Ami Kawashima on the travel routes of the Princess SP1900
“This is the best train ever since the Chinese Democracy was created.”
~ Hu Jintao on the Princess SP1900
“This train is the best that beauty can bring us!”
~ Mao Zedong on the Princess SP1900
“Advanced in Technology. This train might be the fastest train in Hong Kong even!”
~ Guns and Roses on the Princess SP1900
Princess SP1900
Princess SP1900 Ticket
Basic info
Official name: MTR Princess SP1900
(former KCR Princess SP1900)
Courtesy name: Princess SP1900
Born in: Japan
Mainly active in: MTR Hong Kong:
  • East Rail Line
  • West Rail Line
  • Ma On Shan Line
Affiliated org.:
  • MTR (2007-12-02 ~)
  • KCR (2001 ~ 2007-12-01)

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Axl-Rose sing

The founder and creator of the Princess SP1900.


The original form of KCR Princess SP1900 (KCR East Rail version)

KCR SP1900 EMU(2)

The original form of KCR Princess SP1900 (KCR West Rail version)


The original form of KCR Princess SP1950 (KCR Ma On Shan Rail version)

Princess SP1900 Ticket

Princess SP1900 on a single ride ticket

Made and created by by Axl Rose in China on March 19, 1897, the Princess SP1900 (Chinese: 千九公主; Japanese: 千九百王女 or 千九百姬; Portuguese: Princesa SP1900) is the moë princess form of SP1900 type Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train belonged to MeTRo Hong Kong (港鐵) (used to be belonged to KCR (Kowloon Canton Railway) before the merger of KCR and MTR on 2 December, 2007). Princesses SP1900 show as a train daily but there are some records that Princesses SP1900 left the railway and rushed onto the pedestrian way for self-walk. Either that or it ran off the tracks to fly to Yugoslavia.

edit History

KCR Corporation invited bids in 1999, for trains in demand of: loading ability enhancement of KCR East Rail (九廣東鐵), commencement of KCR West Rail (九廣西鐵), and, KCR Ma On Shan Rail (九廣馬鐵). Itochu-Kinki-Kawasaki group won the bid and were responsible to manufacture Princesses SP1900 and some other trains that were kinda needed but halted the rest.

edit Relations

Chinese bigfoot

A typical passenger on the Princess SP1900.

The relative of Princess SP1900 on KCR Ma On Shan Rail is called Princess SP1950 which has slightly more delicate thought and more sturdy feet. However, both of they are generally called Princess SP1900 because they look like the damn same thing which it would. The relations is that it actually runs in opposite directions, around the world circuit timing 2.35 seconds on a radar clock. Either that or a Bigfoot ran across the tracks and jumped on the train riding it like a horse.

edit Check in

edit Force field induction system

Princesses SP1900 / Princesses SP1950 on repectively West Rail Line and Ma On Shan Line will keep track of an yellow wire on the ground while running, for the convenience of the Seltrac S40 force field providing ultra-adventurous brake signal which let the train barely not to crash with the beyond partner (just barely!)

Without the Seltrac S40 force field, Princesses SP1900 on East Rail Line also have a relatively inferior force field called Automatic Train Protection to help control their motions and brains.

edit Running control device

Mitsubishi 2-Level IGBT VVVF Inverter, some Volvo XC90 exhaust pipes, and a V8 cylinder stolen from a Rolls-Royce.

edit Major incidents

edit The crash incident in the base

The scene was in Pat Heung Base of KCR West Rail (now MTR West Rail Line).

At around 05:00 on 21 July, 2005, a Princess SP1900 (no. D317~D318) crashed with another one Princess SP1900 (no. D325~D326) face to face while marching in Pat Heung Base. Their heads no.D318 and no.D325 were hurt. Since the incident was happened in the base, it was not reported to the public, but it was known by the public later because a KCR staff betrayed the information few days after the incident. Unfortunately, the trains had to be replaced by Missile ATM 4300 to take it's place of the job.

edit The transformer incident

The scene was in a KCR West Rail (now MTR West Rail Line) tunnel on the southbound section between Kam Sheung Road station to Tsuen Wan West station, about 2 km from Tsuen Wan West station.

At 09:13 on 14 February, 2007, a Princess SP1900 (no. D305~D306) broke down and lost the running power when one of the transformers mounted on the princess's head exploded. It is suspected that the overheated transformer caused its insulating fat to vapourize, thus causing the explosion and fire. In addition, the circuit breaker of the transformer apparently failed to cut the power supply to the transformer. Eleven people were sent to hospital because of feeling uncomforted.

An investigation said that the brakedown of transformers is because that some faults have already formed during the stage of embryo development, as well as the princess was strucked by lightning. Thus problems had been being accumulated and causing this brakedown. After that, KCR Corporation decided to replace the transformers on the princesses' head as the new fat-free and anti-explosive one.

Afterwards, some scientists stole one of the Princess SP1900's and tried to turn it into a sucessful Princess human. But they failed horribly and made it into a Bird Clone that sings so loud that they call it Billy Mays Bird. Who the hell? Oh well they invented the 1st ever flying train but they got fined after the flying train ran into the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Singing Bird4200

Princess SP1900, after somewon deformed it and turned it into some Bird.

edit De-KCRization

Before the merger of KCR and MTR on 2 December, 2007, Princesses SP1900 and Princesses SP1950 faced the fate that having their KCR logo cut away and replaced with MTR logo, indicating that the princesses will donate themselves to MTR afterwards. Practiced for a long time, Concerto of door close of MTR can be presented by Princesses SP1900 and Princesses SP1950 formally and aggressively. But they were separated and unauthorized to alot of Taiwanese Restaurants as they would use the parts of the train to build ovens.


3 of the investigators to look after the train. Unfortunately, they didn't pay attention to it because they were busy investigating the Chinese Democracy.

edit Strange disappearance that no both can appear once together

It is said that Princess SP1900 would temporary disappear when Queen the Pier Fairy appears, and vice versa. Such the intensely interesting phenomenon is to be investigated. It would also disappear if the train were to break loose from it's tracks and run to a Chinese Restaurant and tries to wear a dress.

edit Self-walk report

Some reliable sources said that the Princess SP1900 left the railway and rushed onto the pedestrian way for self-walk:

  • 25 February, 2007, in HITEC (Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre), then she was broadcast through the JP Time programme by aTV 7 days later.
  • 17 November, 2007, in Hong Kong Railway Museum, being the youngest railway showpiece in the museum.
  • 12 February, 2008, in Liwan district, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, mainland CHINA
  • 27 April, 2008, in Portas do Cerco, Macau
  • 3 October, 2008, in Yuexiu district, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, mainland CHINA
  • 22 November, 2008, in Hong Kong Railway Museum, being the youngest railway showpiece in the museum again.
  • 27 June, 2009, in Xinxiangzhou district, Zhuhai city, Guangdong province, mainland CHINA; but since Zhuhai is a city for resorting and elderly caring, Princess SP1900 had rapidly degenerated as Grandma SP1900 (千九婆婆)
  • 28 December, 2009, in Thailand, the train was eaten by Yuyuko after she thought it was a bird. So it was now named Yuyuko SP1900!
  • 35 December, 2015, in Ireland, as the train passed by a valley full of shadows of death, Team 9 decited to attack the train from all directions and killed and ate all the people inside. Ireland was fined and jailed afterwards as it was blamed for the attack by the Russian Government even though it was a Hong Kong Train. Russia likes to steal copyright, and they turned it upside down and dealt with complaints.

Kim Jong il surprised at the trains speed and success. He is actually crying inside that his trains all run like slow turtles with missile fuel.

“Why does a train can do self-run?”
~ surprised by kids
“Just having served for several years, how come SP1900 gets into the museum so fast?”
~ surprised by guests in Hong Kong Railway Museum
“Why does the commuter train in Hong Kong SAR pass through the Lo Wu Bridge (Luohu Bridge) and enters mainland China?”
~ surprised by citizens in mainland China
“Why does the commuter train in Hong Kong come to Macau for no reason?”
~ surprised by citizens in Macau
“Why does the commuter train in Hong Kong come to Zhuhai for no reason?”
~ surprised by citizens in Zhuhai
“There is no any heavy railway in Macau, but how come there is a heavy railway vehicle coming?”
~ surprised by citizens in Macau
“Ah? What reason does the train in Hong Kong enter into Taipei Main Station?”
~ surprised by citizens in Taipei
“What the hell? How is it even possible for the train all the way from Hong Kong to get here!?”
~ shocked by citizens in Yugoslavia
“Eye'm teh strongest, eye need no train! But eye dont know how it got here.”
~ Cirno not very much surprised at how the Princess SP1900 got shipped to Antarctica
  • Moreover, on the very final train of KCR departed at around zero o'clock on 2 December, 2007, there was a passenger watching the photo album of Princess SP1900. It is said that the guy would highly-possibly be a photographer who falls in love with Princess SP1900 stealthily and the guy was reported by TVB News at that night. (PS. Contents of the link are in Chinese. The guy just mentioned is the one who was reported wearing a white cap with a KCR logo in front......)
  • After the next train that was supposed to be departing in the mornin', failed after it got hit by an engine problem. So they sent out the Super Extreme Missile SP4591000 Omega to do the job. Unfortunately the train was too damn fast and ran off the tracks, crashing into a few Houses. Then the Super Extreme Missile SP4591000 Omega crashed through 30 police blockades and ran over 12 spike strips and the train shaken up and started to fly. It flew to Malaysia and exploded there and was never heard from since. The people back at the station with the broken down Princess SP1900 started to whistle and pretended that nothing has happened.

edit Luck of love

By her placidity and sweet-nature, Princess SP1900 gets admires from some railway fans. It is said that someone made love to Princess SP1900 around the Valentine's Day 2008. Later that guy even showed some of his minds to Princess SP1900 such as praise of beauty, support and conservation. (PS. Contents of links are in Chinese.)

edit The Train's enemies

Ever since the Double Decker Tram somewhere else in Hong Kong looking like the Double Decker Bus in London and a ripoff of it, it challenged the Princess SP1900 to a duel. Surprised, the Princess SP1900 and the Double Decker Tram charged at each other, seeing who is strong enough to survive the crash. The winner was some Suwako Tree, because it was in the way and squished both trains like a bug. Ever since, the Princess SP1900's enemy was trees and got build with high tech lazers to kill and exterminate any trees in it's way. Trees may be powerful, but it should really stay away from trains unless it needs to be paper...

edit References

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edit Express Lane to see also

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