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“What the hell? Got split into 2?”
~ Meiling on the separation on Gensokyo
“Damn Vampires, we are at war against them!”
~ Komachi on The Scarlet Devil Mansion
“South Gensokyo is filled with a bunch of jerky beef and fags full of cow beef.”
~ Rumia on South Gensokyo and Humans
“Does that make me crazy?”
~ Reimu on her Trap Cards
“The Crazy Side is filled with weird things that are made from reincarnation and full of broken windows. Good thing they only live 1 life due to crappy Macs.”
~ Lee Myung Bak on South Gensokyo and North Korea
“This IS a COMMUNIST COUNTRY you foo!”
The North Side of the Titanium Metro Rail Station of the North Gensokyo
Union of Taiga's Socialist Revolutionaries
Flag of New Gensokyo Shell Logo
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: The North and the Cold. Screw the tropics!!
Anthem: The Shitnationale
North and South Gensokyo
Capital Shenzhen Special Zone Press City
Largest city North China City
Official language(s) Chinese (all kinds), Japanese, Korean, 979
Government Chinorepanese Government, Anti-US, Anti-Vampire
‑ President and Leader Taiga Aisaka
‑ Co-president Lee Myung Bak
‑ Guardian of the President and Co-president Rumia (the only trusted Vampire!!!)
‑ Commander of Death Komachi Onozuka and Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
‑ Commander and Leader of The North Gensokyo Army Nue Houjuu
Ethnic groups Magicians, Ghosts, Humans (not alot), Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Melty Bloodish
National Hero(es) Rumia, Taiga Aisaka, Minori
Established 2935
Currency Chinese Money, Brooms, Won, Yen
Religion Atheist, Anti-Vampires
Major exports Nothing

Before the Separation

This was a peaceful country but then Flandre, the most powerful devil vampire in Gensokyo went insane separated up the country in 1/2. This proves that Vampires are just a bunch of fucking idiots. But does that stop her? No. She hates being controlled so she now controls her own country. But she will never learn. Can somewon teach her a lesson? No. But she will die soon.

After the Separation

With a New President, the North Gensokyo powers got much better in their economy as it raised by 130%. If it was still united, it would go bankrupt in less than a few years which is bullshit all because of the fucking vampire. Now they must do something to rid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and while they are at it, remove Taiwan and place it in Taiwan again.

Taiga Leader of North Gensokyo

The Wonderful Leader

Economy and Plans

It's all good. But it's also not all bad. Now with less pollution, they build Nuclear Reactors near the border to deliver healthy pollution to South Gensokyo. They see them coffin, they smocking. With Taiga as the new president, she plans to rebuild the economy even better and order a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff to defend the country. Isn't that a wonderful thing? She also plans to build some Nuclear Missile that are capable of destroying the Evil Devil Bat Fuck Insane Vampires like Flandre and Reimila and she also plans to Nuke the USA to rid of those Evil Bastards and killing them will prevent them from stealing their Rich, Pure, Oil. Taiga hates those bastards and once they are gone, she will let the Vietnamese take over the USA. However, they plan to take over North Korea, steal all their Nuclear building supplies, and after that give North Korea (after getting rid of it's communism and taking it back to Russia) to Taiwan. Also, the like to build Nuclear Missile and currently they have 993,975 Nuclear Missiles and 23,000 of them are aimed at the USA and South Gensokyo! Their nukes can destroy anything, and literally, anything.

North Gensokyo and Taiwan Relations

Taiga and the Taiwanese have made a treaty to support each other for the battle against South Gensokyo. With their help, Taiga also promised to make the People's Republic of China quit claiming Taiwan and to quit being rude to Taiwanese. So far the relationship is very good.

The Train Stations

The subway and train stations they built were supposed to be used for travel. But due to few people ever useing the subway system, ghosts hide there and scare people. It is rumored that the ghosts will attack at will and scare anywon to death. Fear the stations, they must not be fought back. See a ghost? Just. Run. RUN!!!! But the subway systems do offer a good exploring, it's also good to walk down the tracks when the trains are too lazy to be operated on some days.

Silent Hong Kong Station

There may be no 1 there, but there might be a ghost...

The Hidden Mysteries

This country holds alot of weird, deep, dark, secrets. It has been known that ghosts, like Yuyuko and Youmu, are known to be cannibals and that they eat any evil invaders to protect their super rich dangerous oil because the oil is rumored to be used for Missile Fuel, and that they plan to fire nukes at their enemies and use it for gasoline. {{Another deep dark secret is their leader, Taiga. She has been known to punish people for no reason, and anywon who doesn't follow her orders are to be executed or beaten up for 3 days. They revive their enemies just to beat them up again, kill them, revive them and let them free.}} This country is weird, creepy, and clean. There are other mysteries, but nowon can find out because they will be executed at 1ce.

More info

That's it. North Gensokyo actually likes to keep most of their country a secret. But they are Anti-Communist and Anti-Fascist. They work like the Japanese Goverment as to speak. They did, however, purchase some trains from the Hong Kong Metro station, like the Princess SP1900.

The Major Changes, 9700

Gensokyo started to undergo deformation, due to the fact that it was starting to sink. So they wiped out Northern Russia and put all their cities there.

Gensokyo-Japan-Taiwan Empire

There is no war, just a normal world.

New Tang Dynasty TV


They host competitions on who can beat them to the news 1st

This TV Station, in Traditional Chinese is very famous around the country. Without it they would be stumped and lost. So they got their help, and brought it over there.

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