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“Chinese Restaurant....*facepalm*”
~ Prime Minister Yuyuko from Thailand on Chinese Restaurants
“This is brilliant idea I had!”
~ Sakuya Izayoi on Chinese Restaurants
~ Ami Kawashima on being completely clueless
“China is never complete without a Restaurant!”
~ Remiu on Chinese Restaurants
“I have nothing to say.....”
~ Meiling on Chinese Restaurants.
“No fluffy! I am food!”
~ Youmu on being a polititcaninist
Chinese Restaurants of the China.
Chinese Restaurants
Chinese Resturant Flag Yuyuko chasing victim
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: We best cooks in the world!!!
Anthem: China! China! Meiling!
Gensokyo-Japan-Taiwan Empire
Capital Beijing! Beijing! Beijing!
Largest city Shanghai Doll
Official language(s) Chinese (all kinds) Vietnamese
Government Commfoodism
‑ President Sakuya Izayoi
‑ Co-president Hu Jinato
Ethnic groups FOOD, Chinese, Mt Fuji
National Hero(es) Tony Jaa, Yuyuko
Established 12000 AD
Currency Chinese Money
Religion Taoism
Major exports Nothing

Chinese Restaurants, from Old China, have completely took over and expanded their land. Their mission is to perish McDonald's, European and Brazilian Restaurants.

edit Culture

There is nothing else but Restaurants and food. No houses, all tall buildings are all Restaurants, basically every building there is all a restaurant. There is no hotels, no houses, hell not even a place to live for that matter. It's all about eating. There is no food contest, however, since the Chinese don't believe of such sport and it would be a waste of food. The Chinese like to keep their food always frozen, never warm.

edit Government

You would expect a Capitalist, or Communist, or something Government right? Well you are very right. Their Government is Commfoodism. In the government under commfoodism, they have harsh rights. Except for buildings, roads, and cars, everything is made of food. Witch makes anything like a mailbox to a traffic light, is editable. They are able to eat anything out of food. However, they can't eat too important structures, or they have to puke it all out. Since nothing is really important (except some street signs and posters) around there, they are freely to eat whatever they want, at no cost.

edit Money

Very rarely they ever use Money to buy food. Since eating is at free cost, no won bothers to pay. They just eat.


However, all payment goes to her either way. If you don't, then she will freeze the fuck out of you and get frozen to death.

edit Exercise

They have no diet, but the food served there is mostly anti-fat. The Chinese Restaurant people are normal weight, always. They don't have to worry about losing weight since they are always healthy.

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