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In AD 2007, war was beginning.

Uh... don't.
Kara: To Camelot we ride!
A Pinto.
Marty: I don't want to...
Marty: PM=Stephane Dion.

“Outside a wolf, is the most terrifying thing. Inside a wolf, it's nice and soft.”
~ A vorarephile on

“ is my nomination for next king of the world.”
~ Oscar Wilde on

“Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No. No.”
~ Link on
“Hey! WHAT are you doing? Trying to play a high C without the register key?”
~ Fernando Burtoni on playing his clarinet

Koneko No Sekai
Gangster Cat Kittenwar1
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: I don't feel like dancing
Capital <insert name here>'s favourite nightclub
Previous capital <insert name here>'s ex-wife's house
Largest city <insert name here>'s home town
Official language(s) Whatever language <insert name here> speaks
Government Democracy
National Hero(es) <insert name here>
 of Independence
Currency Mo-money
Religion Holiday Hawkentology
Major exports Art
Major imports Electricity

edit Biography is a Canadian guy. He is a nerd who spends a lot of his time developing: Programming Languages, Games for the Nintendo Wii, Cars, Ways to defeat Oprah, Ways of being a dick with a time machine, Methods to make logic = fact ; fact = [ All your USA are belong to Canada ] = true (The previous statement was in AERO, his programming language), and much more! Also known as Canada-kawaii, is also an excellent skier, and skied down the very lift line the Quicksilver Express chairlift had its accident on (2 dead, including Oscar Wilde), at the very time it happened (He was 0.02 seconds away from being crushed by a falling chair). Of course, the Quicksilver was designed by Americans, and the old owners of Whistler Mountain, the former location of the lift, went broke due to a lawsuit by That Guy. More Canadians have since bought Whistler out. He has 2 girlfriends: Josefina, the moustached fembot, and Hannah, the half-cat girl. They always follow him around trying to get his love. He is an avid Blu-Ray supporter.

edit OMFG! PSA!

The Avro Arrow is feared by all!

edit E-Mails

Subject: Notice

Yo hobie G wazzup in t3h house dawg? L33TK1NG

Subject: Get lich quick

Find the way to wearth with the Mirrion-Dorral Pylamid! It incrude the guide to crimbing the pylamid with the gleatest ease. Levear youl financiar skirrs and crimb the pylamid. This is the way to get the ralge money. E-mair me at Hoo Sung Jao

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DrapeauCanada.png This user is Canadian
...and actually admits to it!
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