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Edumaction is, might be a very improtant part of mans' coherently readeing and writeing ability. This Might or Might Not be part of goverment's programm on society enlitement. Edumaction improtant to understand what humans tell to each other in situations of day to day life and to live like an inteligent beign.


Learn me a book.

edit Improtance

Edumaction is very improtant to a human. We also make sure any other specie received a full-time opportunity education on species part, but that sometimes is limited by the species edumactional capability. As example, most dumbass species never recover fully.

edit Reading

edit Writing

edit Maths

It is important to count numbers. Numbers surround is in day to day life even though you never might see them. The inventation of a calculator struck a heavy stroke on the theory, but its improtance was soon debunked. We still are teching advanced formulas that no-one neds in real life (because calculators cant' count them). Maths are much more improtant than any other useful teaching in the world and must be tend to with atention. The goverment dont endorse the teaching of useful things in schools, because they are harmful to our kids.

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