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edit Mysticabg

So you think it's funny,don't ya,<insert name here>.Well,lemme tell you,it isnt. Wondering what I said?....Me too. Anyway....Im psychic,so lemme guess....YOUR PAGE IS Here Was i right?THOUGHT SO.

                                                                       Grue crossing

edit 0h No3z,T3h 6ru3 w1LL 337 MEh!!!11ONE!ONE111

Guess what.

Too bad. Also,No matter how u slice it,he wont eat me,but will eat you. Soo...i've arranged a perfect last shot before you die. 014

Ok....Oops,i would tell you more about me,but i have 2 things. 1.You're already dead,moron. 2.I have better places to be right now,bother me some other time.

edit see also


nobody cares


well,that was my first attempt at randomly typing in percents and letters. 0.o

[[ %A1%99%AA]]

that was my second.

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