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Excessive Uncyclopediaing Does This To You!

“The BEST Uncyclopedian going!”
~ Mykell on Delusional Wishes
“I hope all the fucking Brit's aren't like him!”
~ Americans on Mykell
“Well I heard that he wasn't really that funny at all!”
~ Pretty Much What Everyone Says on Mykell

edit Uncyclopedia articles I am working on

edit Uncyclopedia articles I have created / written




edit Uncyclopedia articles I have contributed to

edit How to Tell if Mykell has Written an Article

  • They're about wholly British people / things.
  • The religion used for worship is, 'The Almighty Vagina'
  • It isn't funny.

edit Award... Things

Newcookie MrN9000 has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.

^ Wha...?

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