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Hello <insert name here> Look! I'm using that clever device that shows your user name and makes you believe I'm watching you. <insert name here> - There it was again. <insert name here> And again!! Thanks for dropping by, {username} Dammit. Didn't work that time. Please leave a message right here

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I am new. If I make or have made a few teensy snafus/gargantuan disasters, please forgive me. It wasn't intentional. I was dropped on my head as a baby.[1]

DATCLAIMER: My life, there's a lot of shitty articles on here that need cleaning up. And I'm gonna pull out my big, hairy brush. And then after that I'm going to help tidy up Uncyclopedia.

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  1. Written just so I could use the word 'Gargantuan'
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