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User: My_Night_mare XoX (0838466753)

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My Heart is Torn Up
Into Thousands of Tiny Hearts
Name: xX mY bRoKeN hEaRt Xx
Website: The Greatest Band Ever!
Birthdate: 1993-3-12
Bio: I have a girlfriend, and I love her... Shez evrrything to mee. I write poetry... and my mother says it's good... I want to be scene I hate people who think i'm too young to want to kill myself... or be with her...
l@@k @ h1m go... L0Lzz! Transparentanimated

Kodai chuugokugo aisatsu arnt chineyz leetrs kewl?

I'm a threat to humanity! Threat

Memories: 37 Entries
Interests: AIM, Asian chicks, Cthulhu, Dashboard Confessional, deviantart, Emo, Euroipods, Evil monkey, Masonry, heartagram, iPods, It consumes, LOL, MMORPG, Music, My Chemical Romance, my girlfriend (arnt i sweet), Propaganda, S O L D I E R, Triangles, Vagina, Waluigi, Wikipedia, Your mom, [Remove Some]
Schools: None listed [Manage Schools]
Friends: Ljicon 11: AJC_Adventures, Better_Piano_Dude_1242, carlos_teh_meen, Roundhouse_Kick ,epynephrin, hotchick43124, Movieman123456, Mr. T, Tedvelt_Teddybear Teh_Golliwog,
Communityicon 7: comicz_R_kewl, __Finding_Emo, Teen_aged_Drivers, Scene_Wordsmiths__, Alpha_bet_iCaLXXXPhanaticks
Friend of: carlos_teh_meen, epynephrin, Movieman123456, Mr. T,
Member of: comicz_R_kewl, __Finding_Emo, Teen_aged_Drivers, Scene_Wordsmiths__,
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