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MyFearLady's real name is Uhwessumgur Hattieahs. She is identified as being intelligent, humorous, and kind, which are the qualities most people admire.

edit Homeland

She was born on the Planet Toddio, which is a planet exactly fifty-two galaxies away from earth. It is occupied by the most intelligent, humourous, and kind individuals, who take the shape of earth humans. Therefore, it is quite difficult to distinguish an earthling from a toddioling at a first glimpse.

Planet Toddio is fifty-percent water, thirty-two-perecent land, and five-percent gold. The rest, as anyone could guess, is filled with french fries.

The planet's mass is exactly 124.67% of earth's, so there is enough land to support all toddiolings. Uhwessumgur, of course was the princess; she was and is the heiress to the throne.

edit How She Got Here

When Uhwessumgur was exactly 213 years and 3 days old, she decided to set out and explore the universe with the rocket she got for her 213rd birthday. While she was circling the earth, the rocket's engine broke down, landing her in United States of America.

All the toddio-power ensembled in the engine flew away as soon as she tried to open it up, and now there is no way to go back to the peaceful land of Toddio. Therefore, she is stuck here on earth.

edit Present

With her high intelligence, she got used to the new life quite quickly. She adjusted to the language and culture, and with her looks she could pass as a regular teenager despite the fact that she was 213 years old.

Back in the land of toddio, her awesome, handsome boyfriend, Sohawtgai Luhboolie, is most likely waiting for her return. She does love him still, but as the situation is now, she is currently available to other awesome, handsome males.

She hopes that the people of Toddio would find this Wikipedia page and send for help; she is nearing her 215th birthday very soon, and she has been stuck here just so long. Please do help. Please.

Clown chili peppers This user fears the clowns.
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