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Bulbapedia is the name of a Pokemon website. It may refer to a number of things:

Click here to see a list of Pokemon, listed by number, type and number of shags they've gotten off furwiki. Due to technical problems, the Japanese has to be put into Romaji and the Quenya kept in its original Tengwar. However, the page does still have sprites of every Pokemon from the front, back and bottom. It also shows the name origins for every Pokemon, even speculated ones like Rapion, from the French for 'scorpion', Crapeau from the French for 'frog' and Gyarados from the Japanese 'rip your face off’

edit Trivia

This is only of 5 Uncyclopedia articles which mention 'Bulbapedia'. This was the only Uncyclopedia article created at a date and time whose numbers add up to a prime number. This is the only uncyclopedia article with exactly 980 characters in it. The artwork for Bulbapedia is inconsistent. it is sometimes shown with as 'Bulbapedia' and sometimes as 'bulbapedia'.

edit Origin

It seems to be based on the concept of a wiki where trivia is a good thing.

edit Name origin

Its name seems to be from the Japanese word 'Burubu' meaning internet and 'pedo', the Greek word for child.

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