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Clause 3.1.7 "Membership register" shall mean the register to be established and maintained by the Management Committee, of participating members who shall be the persons eligible to vote at the General Meeting of Members of the Association.

Clause 3.1.8 "participating members" shall mean the rightful participants in the land acquisition project designated as such in terms of Clause 10.1 and whose names will be reflected in the Membership Register.

Clause 9.1 Households eligible to apply for benefit from the assets, resources and projects of the Association shall comprise of the families whose applications for a settlement grant has been approved by the Department of Land Affairs. The said participating members shall be registered in a membership register as such.

Clause 10.4 The head of each household, registered in the Membership Register, has voting rights and therefore is the participating member.

"To employ staff, agents and other people (either casually, temporarily, permanently or on secondment) to carry out the objects of the Association upon such terms and conditions as they may from time to time consider desirable, and to terminate such employment or agency, and to pay their salaries, fees, commissions, remuneration and other charges out of the Association's Fund and to confer upon any staff or agents so appointed the right to exercise any discretion which may be vested in the Management Committee Members."

7.3 The Trustees are hereby vested with the general powers to all such things as may be necessary or conducive to achieve the objects of the Trust, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set forth in this Trust Deed, directions contained in resolutions passed by the members in General Meeting and the provisions of the Act.

Save as herein before otherwise stipulated, where discretion are vested in the trustees hereunder, such discretion shall be complete and absolute , and any decision made by them pursuant to such discretionary powers shall not be challengeable by any member or any other person affected thereby, provided the trustees conform to the main objects of the trust and to the other terms, conditions, and principles of this Trust Deed.

edit Legal stuff for the dept use

just open sentences that have the necessary terminology
It's usually just a lot of words to say something that doesn't need a lot of words.
Because everything has to be so precise.
The other thing is that the word reasonably is used an awful lot.
This article has the mens rea, but lacks the sufficient actus reus to be guilty of being worth reading. If the prosecution can't demonstrate further evidence, it will be found innocent and removed from the site.
That's for acquittal.
one or two more for stuff that isn't going to be moved - you see I got the idea from Andorin's tater tots article
it was good but all positive
anyway it gave wacky ideas to use tater tots and so forth
but it was like and ad/history of tots
I suggested he add something negative -
and he said he don't want to - he wanted it to be all positive not to break the mood ofit
which I understood - it was good as such

:<Whoremonal> Maybe cite the precedent of a case loosely.

so I thought he should add a warning against using the tots as actual food
and that the legal dept had adviced him to do so
I see a warning or such could help many articles that aren't bad or good
or any other such thing as warning
not as much as another "needs love" template but rather something to be kept in an article nobody has edited for a long time and is not too good
in other words, more or less an integral part of an article to give it another redeeming quality
WOW what a brilliant sentence - give me a fucking Hugo RIGHT NOW
That article would seem to follow the precedent of Rylands v. Fletcher. I therefore judge it should be moved off Uncyclopedia's land.
Rylands v Fletcher has named the tort in law now.
Something damaging escaping onto someone else's land. In this case, a poor article.
and stuff like "The mention in chapter three (....) of (...) is against (...) because (...), (...) and (...)"
my idea would rather be to up some bad jokes in a nonsensical way and so forth
or just as well, pick a section in an article that has nothing to do with the article subject or such, and raise it as a point in discussion
in other words, legal propaganda beside the point
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