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This series is ready to be started out. Please add a comment on this page if you're planning to write one of these shortly (in a week or so)

  1. a newspiece going out of its way to explain why fluffy bunnies are obviously beneficial for Lappland, or any other region. (Done, improve if you want to.)
  2. a supporting main space article about the good properties of fluffy bunnies in general; sporked, twisted, or ready articles if those exist. (Ready; add to it if you like.)
  3. a mainspace article pointing out why a fluffy bunny is not a rodent but a ruminant. This is based on the cuteness, fluffiness, bunniness, and other factors you might invent deem beneficial to relate. Also there are other things about bunnies that are as yet unrevealed. (Do we really need this one? -Necro)(I took it to the talk page -Multi)
  4. a contrary UnNews article to explain how fluffy bunnies ruin Lappland (Necropaxx is on this one.)
  5. other articles might also serve to make bunnies look good, for instance an article that slanders hares and/or other rodents.
  6. a retort (UnNews piece) to step 3., with references to how the expert quoted in it has a pro-mouse or pro-llama angle and so forth
  7. next step? (Dibs! - Necropaxx)
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