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edit UnBooks: Mankind on a blind date

About how God's not such a bad guy, and that humanity is just a loser. A whining bitch. And from God's point of view, he'd be the fratboy College senior who dumps the high school senior after fucking her.

edit first chapter where mankind prepares for the date

edit second, on the date

edit third, mankind hasn't heard from God lately

edit fourth, confronts him

"I gave you a fucking planet and all you can do is turn it into a dump and come whining to me? What a total loser."
"I'll smash your face in you fucking tyrant! How should I have known - how could I -"
"Why don't you deal with your mess for fuck's sake. Now get back to the dump."
"You BASTARD!! Why don't you throw me to hell now that you're at it? make your power trip perfect and do it! HUH?"
"Hell is no longer needed. Just get back."
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