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“WTF iS tHe SH1t?!?!”
~ Captain Rodent on toothpaste

Mscoree is amoung other famous animals who make nests out of your garbage. No one knows how these large homosexuals became human. All we know is Steve "MegaASS!" Jobs had something to do with it.


Most people believe that Mscoree was a project by microsoft. It's also a movie starring Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was the sequel to Alvin: Back on the streets, and was followed by Get rid of Ted: The remake. In 1994 a wild fire destroyed what was left of Alvin and the Chipmunks. (Alvin, Pat Benatard, a drugged out pig, and Will Smith.) In 2006 the Mscoree was secretly featured in Halo 3: Killing Cortana. That game was banned shortly after the riot in south Brazil. In 2009 the Mscoree went extinct due to the lack of glue and salt. The Mscoree is being scheduled to be featured in Galactic Ass! Starring Tom Hanks.

The Great War

In 1867 the Mscoree was accidently credited for the invention of Baseball, causing a world panic. Finally President Allen J. Foxa of the Mscoree State of Playtime was killed, ending a 8 year war, and started the contest to own Alaska. The new Mscoree President, xXxCh1kMAG00h2623y7YEAH l00vEM0ch1NE 6o764xXx commited suicide in 1869, ending the nation.

The Return of the Mscoree

Microsoft agreed to pay the Mscorees to build a race track, but instead they used the money to start the Hippie act in 1969. Their leader Barack Obama's twin was shot and killed in 1971.

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